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Looks like someone stayed up way too late writing this one..

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I heard Shaq laughing out loud at BBD's comedic delivery..

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Chris, another great recap with intelligent insight. I, for one, love the hyperbole and feel that it is not used enough (point proven in the initial comments). Don't let the confused get you down!

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Chris, thanks for the good words. Scenario 4 does give the Pats a slim margin for error but they still need the Bills to come through on the road. I'm not saying that it can't be done but the way the Pats are comprised (defense especially), it's hard to really believe that New England can win both AFC games on the road while the Jets take one on the chin to the playing-out-the-string Bills. One thing is for sure - if the Jets do somehow not make the playoffs, Mangini will be looking for an coordinator's job the day after the season ends.

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Bob, I wish that I was as optimistic as you, my friend.

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Bruce, I'm hoping against hope that you are wrong but I have a sinking suspicion that you are right. There are many more examples of a great defense carrying a suspect offense (the 2000 Baltimore Ravens, for instance) than the other way around (Hello, 2008 Denver Broncos).

bobd, the whole crux of your argument is that the Pats are a playoff team and a potential division winner, which as of this point, they are not. One way to prove that they are both is to beat a quality playoff team. Like I said above, I hope for the win but I'm not betting my dog's life on it.

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I am still a little worried about the Wildcat. While Mayo has been improving since Week 3 (as you stated), two defensive stallwards (Thomas and Harrison) have been lost for the season and a third (Bruschi) hampered by a hurt knee. That means that Guyton, Woods, Merriweather and quite possibly Eric Alexander are now a vital part of the defensive rotation. These kind of changes can go either way and I'm hoping that it's more towards young guys knowing their assignments so they can be in position to make tackles than overpersuing, out-of-position youngsters.

The TEs for Miami have been almost a non-factor and you have every reason to believe that Fasano will be a big target for Pennington but I'd rather take my chances with that match-up versus the one against their speedy WRs.

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All true words, Scott. But the worst thing out of all this playoff talk is that all of those "NFL analysts" are going to start beating to death that "Loser of a Super Bowl won't make the next year's playoffs" horse while smiling as wide as Jack did back '89 (as the Joker for the pop-culture challenged). God help me if I see Mushmouth Sharpe, Tom "Knee Jerk Action" Jackson or Mark Stink on screen when that happens.

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My only complaint (other than not seeing the old gunslinger trying to prove that he can still throw into tight coverage) was the gawd-awful 3 and out stinkfest by the Pats with 3 and some change to go. If they put together the same type of drive that they did at the very end of the game, the Pats would've been going for the win instead of a tie. If wishes and buts, I guess...

And I wonder how much of a woodie Schlereth was sporting when he professed that this win was a "changing of the guard" in the AFC East. Nice kneejerk reaction, you football intellectual poseur.

Jets fans - good luck against those Titans. Hope you guys remember how slim a one-game lead is and that a win in Week #11 does clinch any kind of championship.

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Ouchie, what happened to my comment?