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But the Sun may Disrupt the Climate. It's very sensitive. In fact, it has "Irritable Climate Syndrome" (ICS) [by consensus of the readers of]..

Don't be discouraged by all the neg votes by Klooless irony-blind readers. Their hearts are in the right place.

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And there's my worry. Either GOP candidates have been avoiding the "distraction" and firestorm that would hit them if they promised to specifically and immediately raise the eligibility challenge to the House level but are intending to do so once seated, or they are actually going to be blocked from doing so by the GOP HQ.

I also worry about the convenient (10-day?) absence from DC of the Mis-Annointed One and his huge retinue right after the election. The best possibility is that the sh** will hit the fan, and he'll seek asylum somewhere. The worst possibilities are forms of violent clamp-down under emergency rule laws while he's physically out of reach.

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He must have admired Obama's rise as a director/actor. I was disgusted with the smarm and the dirty tricks from very early on, before his nomination. I wonder if Clint's sparing KC's feelings.

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Good article.

But you'd sound more coherent if you dump the "take much stake on ethics" phrasing. It's a mash-moosh of a bunch of expressions. Try "put much stock in", or "have much of a stake in".

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More than that, his tribe were SLAVERS, capturing and selling blacks to all comers.

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His African ancestral tribe were SLAVERS -- they provided blacks to the Arabs and the slave ships.

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And the Mas would cost you $.20/mi. to drive, and the Sport about $.02.
Which would you drive more?

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I've even seen some reports that a minimum amount of radiation is needed to keep cells "on their toes" and is necessary to health.

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One has to wonder. Is there or can there be such a thing as a non-anti-American leftist?

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Um, 100-42 = 58, not 68. Unless you always give 110%!! ;)