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There's a lovely archaic British phrase that sums up my take on this: Gammon and spinach! Sage and onions! (I.e., Nonsense)
I expect this James Young is likely NOT an authorized Microsoft Representative. Doug might have some insight on this, but I expect an bona fide legal representative would use an actual certified letter to deliver the threat of legal action directly to the domain owner or ISP itself, as emails can be easily spoofed. A simple examination of the originating domain, from the email
shows that the server resides at a UK/Oxford Pipex ISP per my Firefox Geotool:

I think we should deputize Doug to send the potentially offending ISP notice with his appropriate legal title and letterhead that they are hosting a site that may serve to impersonate a US legal entity.

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Sue, the Webistic text pops up in the desktop version of Firefox 3.0.7. This does NOT occur in IE7 (both on Vista).

A few of aesthetic observations:
1. On IE7, the right edge of the gray area at the level of most page's footer links (Home/FAQ Contact US...etc.) is offset to the left by 1 to 2 pixels. It looks fine in Firefox 3.0.7.

2. I wonder if the gradient color or text color on the home page for Featured Repairs/Upgrades/Accesorries needs to "pop" better, maybe similar in color to the orange Start Here or click here in the top center of the page.

3. Since I mentioned orange...IMHO the "Need Warranty Service for" click here buttons and the WriteShield's anti-GLARE and DETAILS color choice might look better if they were a consistent shade. if the color is part of the WriteShield logo and/or is a 3rd party product where that color is explicitly required, maybe change the Details button color to match the shade of orange elsewhere.

4. Details buttons on home page. I also wonder if the Details buttons in WriteShield should match the size and style of the other Details buttons below. It seems strange that one set should be orange and the rest be blue, and with either a tighter kerning on the text or a smaller size. Seems the font choice should be consistent, as should the button placement, i.e., the Full Service Repairs' & Mounting Solutions' Details buttons should be flush with the bottom of the bounding box as seem everywhere else in their particular grouping.
Okay, I guess that's a long-winded way to say the details buttons on the home page at least should be consistent in terms of size, font, and placement. Just my verbose $0.02. :)

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It doesn't look like it's being run natively, though, since it's being launched from within Windows Mobile.

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One quirk of the Search feature is that if I enter my device, in this case a Fuze, a list of compatible devices is displayed. I then choose a particular accessory from the device dropdown and get take to the appropriate page. So far so good. However, if I click the browser's Back button, I see that the previously chosen entry(ies) is still selected, so that I have to click *Select a Unit then click Fuze again in order to go back. What would be more intuitive would be for the list page of compatible items to default back to *Select a unit, because otherwise users end up doubling their clicks which can be a slight nuisance if you're comparing several accessories. This effect is cumulative, btw, so one could reach a point where all accessories show AT&T Fuze and each dropdown has to be clicked 2x again to get to that accessory item's page.

One other thing. If a null result in the search box is returned, the text "Webistic" appears briefly to the left and just below the search pane. Not sure if that is by design or not, just distracting.

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As a side note, if I remember correctly, many of the fabric odor removal sprays are comprised of a 5-10% solution of magnesium sulfate (better known as Epsom Salts) and water. So simple we make our own odor removal solution to use at home, geeks that we are. :)

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She worked in a biochem lab testing immunological properties of milk via gas chromatography/mass spec and HPLC, next door to the lab where I worked. When I first saw her, I knew I would marry her some day (a few years later, as it turned out, thanks to our mutual love of Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass). The biological lab where I worked was downsized when the company owner died, but my wife's department was spared. I found work testing software and doing IT support for a company that creates multimedia for major tech firms...that was more than 10 years ago. She's civilized me a bit, so that I can discern the difference between chocolates and how to pronounce things like OPI (Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ and such). Right now she's doing our 1040s by hand (she thinks it's brain challenge), and is handy with a pistol. She's one tough, smart girl. :D

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Good work Wayne, goaskmom & Julie. This should be a Public Service Announcement. ;-)

For kicks I pointed my scientist wife to the link (yes, we met in a lab and had, er, good chemistry--though I've been out of the lab for over 10 years) to get her take. I guess that gives us an unfair advantage over other parents, lol. :D

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We should have a Citizens Day where non-government/school/bank employees get the day off. I mean really, why doesn't the average Joe get Presidents Day off but the government, school and banks do?

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Well, what a cheery way to start the day! :) I better break out the old "The Day After" reruns.

Shoot, I'd get conflagrated even with the wimpiest of nukes due to my proximity to a particular engine industry. Though, the tool does not of course take into account blast overpressure and secondary effects such as fallout, resulting fires and infrastructural collapse.

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Wow, Doug. Your MSI Wind comparison really threw the Clarion Mind pricing disconnect into sharp relief. I'd really love to see where some of these OEMs get their price schemes. It's pretty ironic too given my Dilbert calendar had Dogbert taking Dilbert into the "Land of Unrealistic Business Assumptions." Sounds like someone at Clarion may have vacationed there.