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CONGRATS! To all the winners!

@maximus808 - Make sure they get your address quick - I have time to get the box out tomorrow so you'll have it by Christmas for sure.

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I'd be excited if iSource took over the Mactropolis theme. :)

Welcome Mactropolis readers (and writers)!

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Played it last night for an hour or a bit more. Graphics are incredible. Its quite repetitive but your enemies get harder every time through so it doesn't (yet) get boring. It really needs a multiplayer (web) and it would be unrivaled.

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Yup. Failed.

So, basically what they are telling you is this:

We had an idea for a new magazine. We thought long and hard about it in the traditional media sense, and thought we can bring something new to this whole media thing because we haven't done it before and we have the money to pay for really good developers and writers.

Then they released the app, realized - WHOOPS... this isn't traditional media. This is new media and we came to the table with the old style approach of once a month updates, in world that is beginning to demand once a minute updates. So, its back to the drawing board to figure out how we can salvage our investment.

My guess is... they'll team up with a few different sources for content, live update from the web and basically become a source controlled version of an RSS stream. Or, they'll just let it die and cut their losses. I've been saying it for a while - this is why newspapers are dying. Content comes at breakneck speed in the digital space. If CNN can break a story on Twitter at 9am, have it written up and on their site by 9:05am what good does it do me to finally find out about it THE NEXT DAY in the newspaper? And by the time your "monthly" magazine gets around to publishing an opinion on it - I've already digested opinions from 100 different sources (all well written pieces by the way) and could care less about your opinion by that point.

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Why WHy WHY!

Why would you try to launch a new magazine in these times? Why would you think that you can provide information at the speed at which a simple tool like twitter or facebook can? I'm not saying that either of these are perfect, but I can create a list on twitter of RELIABLE news sources for darned near everything from local road conditions to newsworthy events in the Middle East, to the latest thing Justin Beiber had for lunch. You can't provide me the content in your "monthly magazine" that I can get in seconds from checking the roughly 400 RSS feeds I subscribe to and by the time you get around to it, it's old news.

If you can't exceed that blitz of relevant to me information with extreme quality content... you're going to fail. If you can't provide ANY new content in a week... You HAVE failed.

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Come on Patrick... this isn't breaking news. We've all known AT&T was teh sux for years. The only reason most people have stuck with AT&T is because they are the only place to get the iPhone and they are (for some who haven't left) the only game in town or the lesser of the evil's in town.

I doubt there's very many people who are on AT&T who don't have anything bad to say about them. I can say the following: Its been 6 years that they've promised better coverage at my home. Is there? Nope. The Microcell which was supposed to help people like me is over rated crap that drops just as many calls as AT&T itself does. Their customer support takes 2-3 calls to accomplish the simplest tasks, they promise unlimited data on the iPad plans, but then can that shortly after launch... and I could go on.

So, again this isn't breaking news for most AT&T customers. And yes, I think they suck.

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I didn't want to post a whole new thing on this... but check out

They are killin it today with deals from all over the place. From TVs to HDDs to Used Macs.

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Too bad the game was so short. a few more levels and it could have been epic. Its just too dammed short!

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What? You were networking?

I'm just giving you crap because I couldn't go (or afford to).

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PJ - WTF were you doing at 360iDev?