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For what it's worth, I agree with you completely. The Jesus featured in most films is far more northern European than Jewish. And the only reference in the Bible to Jesus' physical description is in Isaiah 53 which says he wouldn't be the kind of guy you'd want to stare at, probably meaning he was the GQ-cover Jesus we usually portray.

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Boycotts stink, most of the time. We come off as angry and self-righteous, non-engaging and non-conversational. I mean this in the "let's organize a boycott of ---" sense. Boycott Disney? I get it. Your church members might get it. But in the end, it just looks like you're bullying Mickey Mouse. Not very redemptive.

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I'm so glad you point out that it's more than just numbers of followers, etc. You can't always calculate social proof, but people can spot it when they see it. Excellent point!

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Well put. Anonymity, affordability, and accessibility can turn us into cowards hurling insults from behind the safety of a keyboard if we're not careful.

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Good stuff again Tim. It's almost as if you were born for this stuff...

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Man, what a question! I know there are those who will propose that the answer is simple, but I understand why it's complex. I believe in the absolute sovereignty of our Creator. I also believe that every choice we make is like a rock dropped in a stream - it sends a new ripple in direction against the current.

All I know is that God is able to not only predict the future, He's in total control of it. There is no luck, no chaos, no chance with God. But on our side of things, as we perceive the world around us, "time and chance happens to us all." (Solomon in Ecclesiastes)

I look forward to seeing how others observe your question.

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I would have terminated you too. Doesn't mean I don't think you're worthy of being hired somewhere - I'm sure you're deeply spiritual and talented. Nonetheless, what I do in my personal time still falls under the authority of the church that gives me a paycheck each week. Therefore, even when I am unhappy about something within my organization, I'm careful to be respectful of the God-given position of authority my employer has.

I struggle sometimes with having a good filter, and while I agree with John's beliefs about tackling tough subjects, I still think this principle of authority is huge. You represent your employer. If you can't in good conscience do so, talk to your boss, not the public. If it can't be worked out, quit. Then blog.

To me, there's a balance to be learned by bloggers everywhere - don't avoid subjects, but have a filter. The obligation to respect an employer outweighs my right to "speak my mind."

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My response, Jay, would be, "You shouldn't. You should cast me into hell for my sin, but Your Son, Jesus, with His blood, paid my sin debt and on the basis of my acceptance of this free gift, You have already granted me the privilege of citizenship here." Grace alone.

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Sweet! Awesome! Love it. Totally rad (that's an 80's word). Man God has given you a tremendous gift - thanks for sharing it for only $19 - well worth the price. Awesome.

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Jay, I'm glad you and I stumbled across each other via Twitter. Otherwise, I might be inclined to believe I was the only guy around my age on the planet that feels the way you do. I'm a "former Calvinist." Like you, I appreciate MacArthur, Piper, and so many others for their contributions, but what bothers and insults me is the superiority of some Calvinist-talk. If you're not one, you must not be smart enough, you must be a humanist, or you must surely not care about God's glory.

I think we can seek the supremacy of God in all things without resorting to theological determinism/fatalism. I wrestle with the details still, but at the end of the day, I want to be a biblical Christian, not simply a logical one.

Thanks for the courage to voice your thoughts!