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Anybody But Obama is the candidate that this Tea Party individual will be supporting.

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Jim Demint is due our support and encouragement for all he has done. Please read his book "The Great American Awakening" to see what he has done and what he has endured from his colleagues in his efforts to turn the Senate and the House back to the Founding Principles of the Republic. Then, please reconsider disparaging your comments.

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Top Ten Reasons I Don't Watch David Letterman:
10. I have at least 20 better things to do at that time of the evening.
9. I can't find anything funny in his Rants.
8. I can't ever find the remote to change the channel from Jackass
7. I am a "liberalphobe"
6. David never grew up-just got old, and so are his routines!
5. I'm too busy plotting ways to unseat the Liberal Messiah.
4. Like so many others I forgot he was on.
3. David who?
2. David reminds me of the kid in the playground who made fun of others to mask the deep insecurity within himself. Pathetic!
1. David Letterman is an ass.

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Holder really said: "my people"???? Isn't that attitude racist?

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Someone should check and see if Peter Johnson has stock in the scanner company.

Sean, why did you allow Peter Johnson to talk over Ann like that? Do you have stock in the scanner company?

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This from a woman who quit high school at the age of 16.

Why should we care what she has to say?

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If it’s true that serial murder is pathology, as you call it, then reading it, watching it and enjoying it may be pathogens, that while they may not give you the disease, they may make you sick.