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Here's what absolutely will work for the betterment of the kids - school vouchers! Parents pick the school - whether its parochial, private or the public school system. And it will break up the unions. Jindal did it in Louisiana and test scores increase dramatically.

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What on earth makes you think Rahm Emanuel wants the strike to end? He needs the strike to give the unions everything they've asked for - this union turned down a 60% salary increase and are not underpaid at $75K/yr.

Watch for the outcome, you'll see that the unions get just about everything they asked for and 100% of what they actually want. When the people of Chicago wake up and oust the left they'll pay less in taxes, their kids will have a good education in time, and there will be less crime in the streets.

Same thing happened here in NY recently with the Con Ed strike. That strike ended over a month ago, but we the people still don't know what's in the terms of the new contract and these jerks are well paid too. Both teachers and Con Ed's mployees have fantastic benefits - far greater than those who pay for them have.

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THE point of the film was to determine who Obama is and how he came to be the man he is - it was not to recount all of the sins of the past. The author of this article neglects to state that the Democrats controlled the Congress, both houses, for the last 2 years of the Bush administration and while he's correct in stating the fact that the Congress controls spending, omitting who is in control of congress ignores the truth of why Bush was stuck with too much spending - something that continued under Obama for his first 2 years until the Tea Party made some real changes. The article also ignores the fact that Obama is a Marxist/Leftist/anti-colonialists spender - with our money. I saw the film - it was well done and didn't slam Obama anywhere near as much as it could have - there's so much ammunition available. Jerry Brunet's comments above nails it. I find it odd that this site would put up an article meant to discredit D.Souza who did a fine job.

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This is priceless, Raymond I'm sending this to my friends. Thanks, Barbara and thanks for your service to America

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You’re right – I can’t believe one of them was stupid enough to post it. Now look at what they are facing.

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I'm not saying what they did was right - but as far as I'm concerned, a mild reprimand in their files is all that's warranted!

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He didn’t call the tea party racists.
He listed the possible reasons the Tea Party members could believe Newt is the best candidate and the last one was that they are racists. He gave these reasons:

We don’t know who Teddy Roosevelt was (THE progressive, he created that party)

We don’t know who Newt is – he’s a progressive

We are for Newt because we believe he can mop the floor with Obama in the debates.

Last was the racist line and he said outright that he knows we’re not racists.

He also said we should know who Teddy R was because we dig into history and we should know who Newt is – again because we can easily look up his history.

His conclusion = we believe Newt can mop the floor with Obama and he said he won’t be able to because they are alike in their political ideology even though Obama is worse.

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The only way to stop the corruption is to stop the corruption. We need a law that mandates that only registered voters may contribute to any campaign, party, pac, candidate etc. If the candidate doesn't win the nomination, all donations must be returned to the contributor or if the contributor wants it the money can be turned over to the candidate that won the nomination. A realistic maximum annual amount has to be set and if this was done. Every elected official would be beholden to we the people instead of the corporations, lawyers, lobbyists etc that buy them today.

Solving these problems is always a matter of following the money - that's when you get at the root cause and can take a scapel and cut it out.

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That explains alot. See my post below. Now I know I was right about these 3.

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I'd really love to know why there were at Iran's border taking a stroll in the first place. Are they leftists hoping to be able to stir the pot? I have real problems with Americans knowingly putting themselves in harm's way and then crying for America's help and resources to get free - and they then bad mouth America!

I wonder if the best course of action isn't to leave these people in Iranian jails.