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I think they should put stickers in the toilets as well. Would love to dump on him.

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By the way, I recall you referring to the "holy Koran" on many occasions, but I don't think I have ever heard you say "the Holy Bible."
What's up with that, Mr. devout Christian?

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Ok - let me get this straight, Mr. Obama.

I recall you gleefully telling the world that America is no longer a Christian nation.

And I remember you saying that America is one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.

Did I hear you say something like "Islam has always been a part of America"??

And if my memory serves me correct, you derided conservative Christians, saying they "cling to guns and religion."

And rather than celebrate Easter, you choose to honor Muslim holidays.

And wasn't it you, Mr. Obama, who bowed and kissed the hand of the Saudi King?

I think you also gave a speech at Cairo University where you praised Islam up and down, to the point of exaggerations and lies.

And, I think I heard you say something like it's your "responsibility as President of the United States to fight negative stereotypes of Islam"?

Yep, I would have to admit. Those are real strong signs that you are a Christian.

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How about answering the lingering questions regarding funding coming in from the Middle East and from many other foreign donors for the Obama campaign in 2008, Mr. Axelrod???
They are just desperate and grasping for straws because they realize that Americans see that they have no answers for our country's real problems.

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Do everything you can to get people out to vote in the mid-terms and let's render this fool Obama powerless!

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Hey messed up in the head mechelle, listen up you numbskull!
The economy started to go in the crapper when the Democrats refused to do anything about the mortgage crisis and remember that Bush was basically handcuffed by a Democrat majority Congress his last two years, so don't give us this crap about Bush "screwing up" the economy.
Stop covering for the man-child, empty suite impostor called Obama!

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Then get out the nukes and use them.

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I have heard this term "Abrahamic Faith" a number of times and have heard a number of noted individuals talk about how Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have the same origin in Abraham.
This is nothing more than slick marketing and a clever attempt to legitimize Islam and give suspecting people the warm fuzzies. But we must remember that Mohammed introduced his new religion to the world more than 600 years after Jesus' time on earth. 600 years!
Put in simple terms, he was just a modern forerunner to many of these cult figures who have come along and deceived people... names like Sun Myung Moon, Jim Jones, Joseph Smith, David Koresh, etc. etc.
We need to stand up and challenge anyone who gives us this line and ask them to document where exactly the connection exists between Abraham and Mohammed because there is absolutely none.

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I agree. I don't know if I have seen such an arrogant, cold, calculating person in my life. It is almost like he isn't even human... like some kind of programmed robot from outer space who has tricked a bunch of earthlings into thinking he is some kind of infallible God or something. I just want to puke.

We have got to make sure we get out in force for the mid-term elections and take control of Congress!!

Never give in to this TYRANNY!

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Kick this America-hater out ASAP!