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A Yiddish proverb "Choose your enemies well for you will become just like them" and the USG has/is become more like the USSR almost daily.

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Excellent, thanks.

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It won't be long before Gaddafi's name is morphed into Qaedaffi, like in al Qaedaffi.

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Why Libya? It's to provide cover for the repression taking place in Bahrain. Saudi's are already in place and with the U.S. fleet locating there, the USG is not going to let anything change this cozy arrangement. Create a distraction, Libya, and let the Saudi's protect their Sunni brethren from the majority population of Shia, to continue the dictatorship already lavishly bribed and bribing the USG.

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The hand writing is on the wall, the Corporations are trying to replace elected governments on a state by state basis with extra governmental administration by Corporations. As weak as so called american democracy is this will likely continue unimpeded.

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The callouses on Pat's fat ass seem to have a voice of their own and created this article of nonsense. Pat, get a worthwhile job, McDonald's, for which you are qualified since you have no other skills. It would be a step up for the ingrate cretins like you whom are too lazy to work and contribute to society, like George Will, and pretend to work criticizing those who do as being lazy.

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Not to mention the numerous Zionist's slaughters in Gaza.

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These invasions are all about graft and corruption which is facilitated by the Pentagon due to its worldwide access to foreign bank accounts for money laundering and not possible to audit due to language differences and secret banking law.

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Patraeus has adorned himself with so many medals he's forced to stoop forward when he walks. This is a goon who has never won a legitimate military victory. On the other hand, Eisenhower had two rows of military ribbons and he could stand straight up.

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Graft and corruption!