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Very excited to see Chomsky in person. I hear it's almost a sellout! More than 200 talks and interviews featuring Chomsky are on Alternative Radio's website ( Chomsky's a treasure . . . and so is Alternative Radio.

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Ooze, indeed. Others call it "the fire hose" -- the amazing amount of superb content that's available for free on the Internet. I'd submit that this abundance is one reason that the Camera, the Post and others are cutting budgets and losing content. Eyeballs (and, as Kevin Kaufman notes, people's time) have gone elsewhere; with them went the viability of print newspapers. That said, I'd say the Post and Camera are jockeying quite deftly into the online realm. And KGNU . . . what can I say? It's a gem, a treasure, a hugely impressive source of information and community every morning.

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Tom calls attention to the hideous problem we all have of being inundated with great "content" on the Internet. The fire hose. And this is an unusually long article to read online, probably the longest article I've ever run. BUT what could I do? I find Kunstler's insights powerful and his writing style irresistible -- sort of Bill McKibben meets Hunter Thompson. He has a growing and devoted following, including among the oligarchs he decries. Despite his rather flamboyant writing style, I find that his facts are accurate, and that he has invaluable insights into the big, big trouble we're in.

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In case anyone's interested, one of our reporters posted Hawkins' current contract on the Boulder Reporter website at Warning: it's a 121MB file so long download time.

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It's very disconcerting to read (well, skim) so many mean-spirited, rude, personal attacks on someone who's perhaps the most consistently progressive members of the Council -- someone who, for example, actually believes that climate change is for real and requires action. A lot of these writers sound like people who'd flock to Tea Party rallies and/or vote for Sarah Palin. Scary...and not the Boulder I have loved since arriving here in 1970.

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I can't understand people who are critical of PETA. This abuse of animals is a serious matter, and it requires aggressive -- sometimes theatrical -- actions to wake people up. Next up: abuse of people!

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Alcohol abuse tends to be part of a larger psychological disorder, addictive behavior, that displays itself in a variety of repetitive, mind-altering actions. Fortunately, some of these habits can actually be helpful at times -- in particular, workaholism. Anything to take the mind off of that chronic anxiety and depression that's really post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), usually from traumas experienced as a child. That's perhaps a useful, and more current, context for viewing "alcoholism."

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You're very welcome. And you'll see that the additions are now there, and I've had the article fact-checked by a few people. We'll have more analysis of the Transit Village by some people with more knowledge than I of the city-planning issues involved.

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Oopsie. I got some bad info from one of the BMoCA folks. But, hey, nobody's perfect, except Boulder Express. ;-)