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Just as I did with the book we are talking about, I agree so much of what you are saying. In fact, as a church, other than our web site we do very little "marketing." I am not opposed to it, we simply haven't seen much come from it. But if we started putting an ad for our church in the local paper, and on a regular basis people were responding to it, getting involved in our community here, seeing their lives transformed, I wouldn't worry about whether or not we were being missional or attractional, I'd figure God was doing something in the midst of this, & try to figure out how we could do even more. I think that goes to Paul's idea of being all things to all people.

The gospels present both "come and see" as well as "go and tell." One of the thing I found frustrating with a couple of the stories from Frost's books are he would talk about this great thing they are doing, and then point out that they haven't actually reached anyone yet. I am not saying that how big something is, is what matters...or that is how we define success. Clearly, a person can labor in obscurity for their while life, never make what to us seems like any impact, and still be doing exactly what the Father has for them. But it seems that just being "not the institutional church" is enough.

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Hi Pepper,

Part of what we did in the message posted here was provide a biblical basis for a centered set model. So as far as specific verses, I'd refer you back to the message. Are there verses that you believe speak against being "centered set"? Or perhaps verses that speak to a "bounded set model" as being the biblical model?

I'd be interested to hear what you're thinking! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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Thanks for the comment Steve! I guess the question I'd ask is does the failure of parts of the church to be missional, discount being attractional all together? I don't see why we can't do both. We have people who have come to Christ & had their lives transformed because they googled us & started coming to church. We have others who only got involved here after years of being invited to dinners & parties in their neighborhood thrown by people @ the Vineyard.

Just because some have not been missional, I don't think we throw out the attractional aspect...different people will connect in different ways.

Love to hear more discussion on this topic!

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Even better, thanks for clearing that up! I had gotten some bad info I guess.

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MIke, Thanks for commenting...gave me a thought for another post!

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Thanks Bill...we'll have the exact same age range as well

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Yeah, you are really hard to read when it comes to this stuff...

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I think Yokoyama would be even cooler!

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Thank you so much! I'm glad you were able to make it to the conference this weekend...I hope you found it helpful!


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why would you want to dunk tank James?