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Even if you don't like President Obama, As Americans you need to contact your Senators and Congressperson and say you DON"T Support Netanyahu!!! REMEMBER THE LIBERTY!!!

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Exactly the reason Iran is looking for nukes, to protect itself from Israeli/US aggression.

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Our Congressional Reps. need to boycott the AIPAC conference, then see if Israel gets the message. The tail isn't wagging the dog anymore!

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When the U.S. opens Full Congressional Investigations into the Attack on the USS Liberty, Israeli spying on us and their transferring of our secrets and technology to our enemies, questions Israel on It's Nuke weapons etc. then Israel will listen.

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That smirk on Biden's face while shaking hands with Netanyahu after hearing about settlement expansion made all Americans look like jackasses. ISRAEL is not our friend! REMEMBER THE LIBERTY!!!

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We should GET OUT NOW, put our troops and our MONEY on our own borders, air & sea ports.

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It's time to assassinate BOTH Lieberman's, Israels and Connecticut's. REMEMBER THE LIBERTY!!!

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More ISRAELI lies!! Just like when they said there was no reason to believe ISRAEL KNOWINGLY ATTACKED the USS LIBERTY!!! That attack killed 34 and wounded 174 U.S. Serviceman. REMEMBER the LIBERTY!!!

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America is Israel's Poodle. That's the only explanation for the USS LIBERTY ATTACK

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While they're at it Arrests should come for the attackers of the USS LIBERTY. Israel is finally starting to be held accountable. REMEMBER THE LIBERTY!!!