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Kirstie, you are so right, but it goes on... on June 15 we received this in an email:
"My doctor and a skin specialist all agree that your products gave me cirrosus of the nails.

I feel like shouting that fact from the highest tree tops so no one else will suffer like I have."

I think she meant psoriasis as I believe cirrhosis is a liver complaint. Either way it vindicated that it was not our products as you can not get psoriasis from acrylic nails it is a genetic complaint, and while I feel sorry for her having this condition I find it very sad that she does not understand anything about her condition and what caused it, and still chooses to blame us.

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Hi Tracy

What products are you using and where did you get them... let's start there.

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Wholesale Nail Supplies is now open for business online. Selling to Nail industry trade only in Australia. Account needs to be approved and you must have a registered business.

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Time for a little update...
Ms Kuhanst is now trying to play the victim by putting up a thread on her forum stating that she is only human and makes mistakes...blah blah blah. Trust me, the theft of this photo was no mistake and even though she has admitted to this theft by what she posted on her forum, she has not had the maturity or manners to apologise to myself for her unjustified accusations levelled at me during that phone call where I was accused of the behaviour that she was acting out nor apologised for stealing copyrighted property.

Further to all of this, her forum admin has been sending a number of people very nasty emails and accusing them of being members on our forum, in particular one member is being stalked by email and now phone by this admin and her family members. Kuhnast is taking potshots at people who are becoming members here and her message to them appears to be one of ... if you join that forum (this one) then we don't want you on our forum and will deregister you... again another illustration of the childish schoolgirl menality that reigns on that forum. So apparently if you are a member of that other forum you are not allowed to join any other forum... they think they own you and when they find out you have joined you are targetted. But we have put steps in place here so they can not see who the members are easily and if you want to join us, use another name for a while, and remember you can belong to any forum you want, NO ONE has the right to be bullying, harrassing or stalking you because you want to join other forums... you have freedom of choice and ask yourself do you really want to belong to a forum that does this to it's members?