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I almost always take pause when someone famous passes away. My mind whirs while I begin thinking of everything (s)he did or said. It's true about people I know, too.

But this came as a shock, plain and simple. Rarely has someone this relevant, this current, gone so suddenly.

AB crammed about 120 years of guts and work and lack of fear of confrontation into 43 too-short years. Honor to him. Condolences to his family and friends.

And everyone else is going to have to step it up a notch from now on.

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She has the same right not to perform marriages in the same way that the Catholic Church has the right not to provide contraceptives. Those who wish to be married can find another judge, just as those who want artficial birth control can go somewhere they can get it.

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The difference between DU and this site is that this site allows contrarian posts. They're not always treated politely, but they can at least HAVE THEIR DAMN SAY. It seems the operators of DU are afraid of anyone refuting their nonsense with actual facts. I invite some of the DU people here to have it out.

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Well explained, Rep. Ryan.

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Well, if you're gonna be a festering boil anywhere, isn't an anus one of the best spots?

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Threat of sexual violence. Unacceptable, regardless of where you stand on this issue. What if Santorum said he's like to kick her in the "jilly"?

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Isn't referring to your opponents as "demons" kinda sorta what the word "demonization" rather literally means?

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Why, yes, no one "outside the bubble" cares about rape. Hoh-KAY.

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What courage.

The hubris of these people will probably lead them to compare themselves to the civil-rights activists who engaged in sit-ins at segregated diners, and remained silent but steadfast while invective (and probably hot coffee) was being hurled at them.

I'm not kidding. These people are that delusional that they think they're the modern-day Freedom Riders. See also: the imaginary "spat upon" incident during the "Obamacare walk through the crowds."

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"I've never raped anybody!" Yeah, and Andrew Breitbart isn't racist, sexist, or anti-gay, so...