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I've been busy... I've got a few projects in their infancy that I'm chipping away at while working a full-time job and balancing a relationship with my wife and 3.8 kids ;-)

In reality, I've been working on my writing skills by posting some fairly technical articles lately on my more technical blog. Now that I'm practiced, I need to start on my more wide-scale blog here that discusses concepts and strategies.

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Haha... I LOVE that the guy says "I've always been a fan of the blink tag and think sites can benefit greatly by it." and then half of his comments are spam!

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@Michael - It's becoming more apparent to me that I need to pay attention to your forthcoming articles. The discussion here alone is very enlightening.

@StlDan - Actually nothing is getting done on the VA front in Philadelphia, and that's the problem. It would be great if the government side of things sat on their thumbs and did nothing, but that's not what the quote you made refers to in this case.

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Is the reason that it was Congressman Miller because he is on a House Committee that has some oversight to the VA, specifically in PA? (I don't know the answer, but I see it as a possibility for jurisdictional claims). Is one of the reasons the letter was even sent was because he was probably only given partial information (very filtered and designed to make the parties look bad) about a situation he was fairly removed from. My two cents. It doesn't look good anyway.

However, I'm not sure it's fair to attribute this to "Government Run" health-care. There are examples of problems of abuse in any situation of power or influence.

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Seriously intelligent debate guys. Thanks for the efforts and for sharing your thoughts. I'll be coming back here frequently after this experience.

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The difference between Muslims and Christianity is not necessarily in the subject of worship, although many generalize this argument and claim that their Gods are not the same. Here is an (imperfect) example:

Suppose your father asked you to build a shelf for the living room, but did not give you any more instructions than that. One man's method might specify to build it out of Oak and make it take up the whole wall to fit as many books on it as possible. Another man's method might specify a small shelf made out of MDF meant only for paperback novels that was to sit beside some other piece of furniture.

The differences between many religions (whether readily acknowledged or not) are in the methods of worship, and generally not in the subject of worship. The methods are up for interpretation and the channel by which the instructions were obtained. Whether each the methods of any particular religion is correct or not is really up to the individual to explore and decide upon.