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very epic yes. this goes perfect along side the 8-bit tribute to kraftwerk. (hey i spelled something right!)

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i have the korg nanokey and am quite happy with it. the only thing that irks me about it is the slight click with the strike of each key. korg wins in the looks for me as i am not much for the orange+black. both are a little weird when playing with pianoteq. eh... from a straight top down view these look somewhat more sturdy. i lose.

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a drummer friend of mine has always complained of the electronic cymbals never getting it "quite right" whilst he was quite content with the range of the other sounds. he might be very happy when i yell at him "they got it right!" (with real cymbals.)

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this is the first v synth i ever used. i love it. thanks for the video.

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as simple as this thing looks it is a lot of fun to play around with. its not overwhelming for the person just stepping into this big world.

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i use ableton 8 and it works great within. preset #2571447718 = "SquishedBuzz / Ginsu / Makes me think of an orgasm on sleeping pills." seeing how i just woke from a pill induced slumber this thing is sounding pretty good. no clipping for me - ableton has a very simple very useful driver error compensation.