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Thankfully, fracking technologies have not hit a brick wall, and advancements ate still being made. The threat to fracking's success will come from politicians, Obama in particular, not from fracking itself.

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I thought 'the economy' was the big issue. Now some are telling me it's obamacare. Romney needs to find a message that encompasses that and everything else, as a package. It's implied utopia that obama is selling, an ideological view- complete with demands. Romney needs to nail obama on the ideology. Voters are ready to listen to the argument. The ideology gives obama and his ilk cover. Don't let them get away with that fraud.

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Hollywood doesn't deal in reality. It operates on stereotypes and formulas.

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Andrew Breitbart helped turn the Internet around, from a place nearly dominated by a leftist presence, to a place of political battle.

I hope that the breitbart empire is left in good hands because we need it. Until proven otherwise, I assume breitbart will live on well into the future.

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Given what Romney could buy, he's moderate in his cars.

I hope we're not having the same argument about American-made vs foreign-made. The best thing that happened to the American car industry was the Japanese success in producing high-quality reliable vehicles, forcing American companies to step up.

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and so began govt's addiction to oil taxes

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Very inappropriate for an American judge to sanctify the religion of the dark prophet in a U.S. court.

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Funny, I've always wondered if Jeb Bush is a conservative.

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That Newt would openly confront Obama's position on legalized infanticide, comes as a 'shock' to some, drawing boos, because good Republicans know what's required of them in media settings.

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Youcef Nadarkhani's real death-crime seems to be that he refuses to renounce Jesus Christ.

Look at Ahmadinejihad to see the real Iran. He is not some random stanky buffoon put in place because they couldn't find anyone better. He is pure Islamic Iranian. The death sentence makes perfect sense, from an Iranian Islamic Male point of view.