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I see they have revised the copy for the story. (although I know there are better quantifiers than 'slew')

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I give the posters here a break...fumble fingers, hurry to get things typed and submitted, etc. The folks who update this web site...not so much. Where are the proofreaders??
PORTAGE, Mich (WOOD) - At 2:30 Sunday morning a ^Potage^ police officer caught four teens breaking into cars (in the) 10,000 block of Harris Drive. The teens tried to flee the police by running into nearby woods and a swap (swamp). They were apprehended two several ( which is it? Two, or several?) hours later.

Stolen goods were found in the suspects posetion (suspects' possession) . It was determined the foursome was behind a slew (wouldn't *rash* have been a more professional term?) of car break ins in (on) East Shore Drive and Harris Drive.

Anyone having information concerning this investigation or believe they may be a victim is requested to call the Portage Police Department at 329-4567 or Silent Observer at 343-210

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Oh, I don't know....I think it gives others in the same situation hope for their futures. And the purple is probably the bruising left over from the surgery. He may go through more surgery, so this might not be the final outcome.

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sawman05 said, "what kind of parents do these kids have that would allow them out at that hour of the morning doing what they were doing."

It's because they either have none, or the partents they DO have don't give a rat's patootie about what their kids do. In a couple of weeks, Kalamazoo County vores on the Kalamazoo County law enforcement tax renewal. I urge all of you in K'zoo county to vote yes on this. It's not a new tax, but a renewal of one that first went into effect 6 years ago. To read more, go here:

And as a citizen of Kalamazoo city, I firmly believe we do NOT need a new arena in downtown to attract more unsavories to our city.

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I think old Bart saw the handwriting on the wall.

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My problem with Hoekstra is his inability to use common sense. To wit: in February 2009 he revealed secret information on his Twitter account about a trip to Iraq even after being told to keep that it to himself. Not only that but he but included details about the itinerary he and others had. Those Tweets could have cost lives. Of course, his staff said he never endangered anyone and everyone needs to lighten up.

Lighten up? I don't think I want him running my state.

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It says it was the only *known* wild wolverine. I'll bet there are some in the UP no one has seen yet.

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Only if our insurance rates do NOT go up, and that include the catastrophic fund, too. Ours go up every year, even though neither of has ever been involved in an accident. (3 vehicles, 3 cycles = 6 times into the fund)

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The only backlash is going to be against the Dems in November. Citizens have a long memory, and they'll remember in NOvember when they vote.

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What can we expect? It is, after all, Government Motors. My husband was making ~$30K/year in an offshoot job from the automotive industry. Now, with a low paying part-time job it's down to $10.4K/year. I guess if you don't work for Government Motors, it's "Oh, well. Sucks to be you." What a load of you-know-what