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Thanks for the comment. I didn\'t know much about Farey fractions - looks very interesting. We\'ll be trying out some new approaches in the New Year, perhaps I can build something into the tool.



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Thanks for posting! I like that sweater - which uses a much more straight-forward and ultimately more geometric looking automata than the one that I used!

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Hi Theo! Thanks for being so inspiring!

My favourite Avenger is definitely Hawkeye. I like that he has no real superpowers, and that he's such a wise-cracker! My second favourite might be Hank Pym (Ant Man), who is a scientist, which is pretty cool for a superhero!


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Hi Nina,

All you need to do it:

1) Download the .zip file from the GitHub page.
2) Unzip it, then double-click the Kepler2012.pde file.
3) This should open the sketch in Processing. You can then press the Run button (looks like a play button) to see the sketch in action.

Hope that helps!


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Unfortunately not. This algorithm is so closely tied to the architectural constraints of the memorial that it probably won't be useful out of context.

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Hi - the source code is here:

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Hi David,

First, I apologize for any offense that you took from my 'your browser sucks' line (which has been changed), or my terse reply. I certainly didn't mean to be hateful or bullying.

As for WebGL, you are right, it is a choice. However, this tutorial uses Processing.js, which uses WebGL to render 3D content, so in order to see it you'll need to have a WebGL enabled browser. If you don't want to download one, then you won't see the finished content.

I'm not on the Processing.js team, so I can't really speak for them - but I for one am very excited about the prospect of hardware-accelerated graphics in the browser. I'm not a GL expert, so I can't speak about the WebGL security concerns - maybe someone from the Processing.js team will be able to give some insight.


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The graphic at the top requires WebGL, which may not be supported by your video hardware.

Can you view this:



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Nice catch - copy paste bug from the IDE. Fixed.