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I use WordPress, but I believe anyone using Blogger will find this very useful :)

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I use hootsuite, but there are other free tools I use to automate some of my work that make purchasing the pro version not necessary. I use hootsuite only when I'm at conferences for keeping several topics open.

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A lot of people still get confused on email marketing and I definitely am glad to see when others write in their own words how to make it work for them. While I am not much into my email marketing campaigns due to time at conferences, it is definitely on my list to amp up for the new year. And think about it... much of these work for writing excellent blog posts alone. So if you write a great blog post that has a catchy title and the article in itself is thought provoking, you have time compressed your marketing campaign. Thank you for sharing your tips!
My recent post On Installing And Uninstalling WordPress Plugins

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Try using the W3 HTML Validator - It should help you with your coding and it pinpoints where your code is incorrect.

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A little secret.... is soon to get some design revamps which will include adding colorized matching versions of those icons :)

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While I did not sell these to my clients, they were extra goodies I added to their site. I had originally made these intended to give out for free download anyway. :)

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Exactly... it does not. In fact, it just makes me think something fishy is going on or no one on staff at Sponsored Tweets knows the real answers.

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About a week left and I am done with this experiment and on with a different service to try out. In the case that Sponsored Tweets as even a basic member will start doing better, I may update in the future, but I am just no happy with how this service has gone for both basic and PRO members.

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I went into this experiment to see how it would go for a month. I am definitely downgrading in the next week.

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It should mean that, but so far... a big #FAIL. I am really disappointed and I do not see it getting any better after their recent acquisition of Magpie.