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you are limiting his free speach. now you want to ban people from going to the tea parties! thats pretty stupid. maybe you shouldn't go

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Elliott I am also a young American. You are very wrong to think that the answer is socialism. Yes it is good to help the poor and those who are down. But you can't help those that won't help themselves. we should help the poor as individuals, not the government. I lived in Maine for a year a state that gives tons of welfare. There were a lot of problems with it. 1. Companies left due to hire taxes imposed by the state to pay for the welfare. 2. The politicians remain in power with promises of more money. 3. There are generations of welfare cases that don't know how to work and are unwilling to try. If socialism were to work EVERYONE in the system would have to be honest. That isn't the case. When we give a few people the power we sell out Democracy and give away our freedom. Why are you so quick to hate the rich. If you want a free check or have everything given to you. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. As for me I will fight for my rights and I will work to make my life better. I won't expect anyone to make it better for me. If I fail so be it at least I had the right to try!

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I would like to test it