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Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by! Your table is freakin' gorgeous, and one of the first uses of copper like that I saw out there. :) Lovely draping.

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Isn't she so cute? This look might not suit every wedding but I'm amazed how lovely these girls look. Thanks for stopping by!

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So, if you're a solo venture and will never need VC, an LLC is usually a better option than an S-Corp?

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Sorry, ladies, I will NEVER end a contest on a Saturday again, it's just impossible! Whew! Thanks for being so patient over the weekend.

Also, I want to warmly thank everyone who entered. You were just fantastic with the tweeting and the posting, it really helped get the word out! Plus, you have exquisite taste in flowers. :)

One more thing, I urge you to sign up at our little Wedsmack Giveaways box above. It will ONLY send an email when a new contest is posted, and I promise you: we have some cute little stuff coming up, some big stuff, and some REALLY BIG STUFF. I want you to all be on board for those!

OK, finally, the winners!

(drum roll please ... crowd roars ... )

Congratulations to
Stephenie G.
Claire @gmail
Melissa @hotmail
Lynette @aol
Bronwyn @gmail

YOU are the fabulous winners of Chanel transfer tattoos!

And the big winner of that extra-delicious Chanel swag? **Lynette.**

Congratulations ladies! And if you won, please drop me an email with your address ( so these lovelies can be en route to you ASAP.

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I loooooove your dress. Whatever you did to get it, it was worth it!

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The contest is closed and the winner has been picked by random selection! Congratulations, Kathryn, who left comment #43! We have communicated via email so the topper will be on its way to her shortly. Thank you to everyone who entered and took a moment to browse Apryl's shop!

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D., if that genius brain of yours comes up with any suggestions to make it better, feel free to toss them my way. And thanks for checking it out!

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Aww, thank you DB. I had to wipe the snow off my car THREE TIMES today, so I am right there with you!

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Is anyone else surprised by the gothy, twilight feel to this collection? Compared to the much, much softer top wedding dresses showing up!

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Thank you everyone for entering our first contest!

Congratulations to Jennifer Short, comment #35, with the interesting question about bubble favors! Jennifer, you're the lucky winner. :) You'll soon be getting an email, please respond back with your mailing address and we'll get your shiny new hardcover in the mail to you!

Best of luck everyone with your DIY projects, and may your future hold many cupcakes!