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Once I stopped producing new FSB episodes, I cancelled the old hosting service where old interviews were kept. You can hear a recent interview of Patrick on Crossing the 180 though.

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Hey Oleksandr, I'm not sure what you mean that all band members are filmed but lead singe. Jerry Ghionis is the lead singer. He's in the film.

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Mike does tell that story in one of the episodes. I think in part 2 or 3. You should look it up.

Why are  you afraid to put your name? I find it very interesting when people criticize others from behind the veil of anonymity.

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You have Kevin Shahinian's "City of Lakes" trailer posted. Here's the full film. How can anyone see this film and not be absolutely blown away. And it was premiered at NAB on a large screen with ASC's in the audience who marvelled

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I must say I'm starting to second guess my earlier comment that if I got to know you I'd find you to be a good guy. It's my nature to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But I'm just not seeing any silver lining with you.

You're blatantly accusing Philip and denigrating his character. Someone who's donated countless hours of FREE time educating this industry on way more than just HDSLRs; spending hours on end doing review shoots; giving workshops and interviews; offering free audio training online; answering people's questions; giving back on his blog, twitter, in interviews; actually contributing something POSITIVE to the industry as a whole. You're accusing him of disliking negativity about DSLRs and hyping it every chance he gets b/c he's financially tied to Zacuto?! Talk about mis-iinformation!

Where Phil is for the most part being a positive contributing member to this industry you claim to love, you just continue to stir the pot.

From Day 1 Philip has talked about not only the pros of HDSLRs, but the cons. He's showed what it can do, and he's explain the limitations. He frequently talks about shooting with more traditional cameras and on a road trip from SF to LA recently did a video review of Panny's HPX370. He offers civil discourse on the topics. The only time I ever see him get heated is when trolls offer baseless accusations or throw out vapid, nonconstructive critiques. To accuse him of what you're accusing him of is so ridiculous, I don't even know where to start.

Then you denigrate Zacuto's name. Yes, they sell rigs for DSLRs. But they were selling and/or renting camera gear well before DSLRs came out. They saw a market need and decided to fill it. Steve Weiss is a stand up guy and he often goes out of his way not to hype Zacuto when interviewed.

The irony Mr. Ruffo is that you're accusing Zacuto and Philip, casting aspersions on their characters on a public forum, w/o having done YOUR research. Furthermore, you're accusing them of doing these things for commercial reasons. Hmmm, isnt't that what your whole beef is about. You're pissed off because YOUR clients (people who pay YOU money) are being misinformed (so you claim) thereby hurting YOUR business. You SAY it's because you just care about the industry, that you don't want poor up and coming filmmakers to be fooled into using such a terrible cameras, to preserve the look and beauty of filmmaking. But it seems to me that the real reason you continue your tirade is that you're tired of losing business to clients who don't want to use your skill set or rent your cameras because of the "misinformation." In other words, you're doing all of this for financial motives as well. Don't try to sell us YOUR kool-aid that you just care about this industry so much.

Honestly, it's like with every post you make you dig yourself deeper and deeper. If I were Jim Jannard I'd gladly pay you two year's worth of your salary just to keep quiet and stop "defending" RED. I really would.

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This was meant as a response to the main post, but I accidentally posted it as a reply to Rob.
David, I think the article you wrote is very well written, and your points good. I think the problem with it is the title. You call it "8 Reasons NOT to Buy a DSLR", but then in the very last paragraph, you say you bought one! And, that you love it, are blown away by the image quality, and that you're shooting more than ever. That's a HUGE disconnect. It's almost like it was written by someone with a split personality. You then go on to say that it's not about the tools. In essence, your whole last paragraph totally negates the 4-5 pages you wrote leading up to it.

If this post is aimed at Hollywood level DPs as you mentioned in one of the comments, then say that in your opening paragraph. Change the title to something like "8 downsides to HDSLRs you need to be made aware of when shooting." Truth be told, although good points, obviously in and of themselves they're not strong enough reasons NOT to buy one. Especially when you get the quality of images you yourself admitted they create.

Mr. Ruffo's feelings aside, you cannot deny the quality of imagery and storytelling filmmakers from low life students and (gasp) wedding filmmakers, to ASC level DPs are producing with these cameras. As you mentioned in your eloquent last paragraph, they're just tools. Tools that when used correctly can create amazing art.

In the end I actually really enjoyed your article and felt it educational. Just misleading in how you presented it.

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Thanks for all your discussion JD. Very appreciated. I hope you continue to listen to the show and engage in the conversations.

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>>no one bashed him for posting on the site etc. people just raised questions about his work and expressed opinions. if people are only invited to comment if its going to be positive then in all honesty. What's the point?<<
I was commenting on people bashing him b/c he talked about HOW he did it. Or that they're sick of hearing how much the camera can do. I don't want a site that is all about just positive opinions. Never said that. But, since it's a DSLR-related site, people who post videos on it will most likely talk about how they did what they did.

>>But more than this I'm generally confused by the amount of it when I don't see a viable market for the end result? who's buying news content like this? so far the only place I'm seeing it is on websites advertising the cameras, software, lenses, and equipment.<<

I can't comment on the market for this kind of journalism per se. I have to defer to those more knowledgeable about the news market more specifically. But if I may be so bold, I would hazzard to guess that you will see more news pieces like this... or rather, maybe not like khalid's specifically, but ones that are more "cinematic" and engaging. CNN's annual humanitarian awards show that airs during Thanksgiving comes to mind. Many of those video packages summarizing the nominees were very artfully and cinematically shot and edited. The black and white short films by award-winning journalist Chris Morris that Dan Chung posted today also point to a direction where news may be going. (

Lastly, regarding your comment about the criticism being constructive and if i thought it was harsh, then I better "get in the real world" as you put it. Let me take the opportunity to live up to my own words since you're all of 26. :-) I'm 41 and I can assure you I live "in the real world." I've worked for large companies and small. I've had the opportunity to manage large groups of people, and be mentored and managed by top notch fortune 1000 managers. I've owned my own video business for almost 8 years and I first took filmmaking courses back in '92. I have been the recipient of constructive criticism, harsh criticism, bashing, as well as praise and awards. So, I can attest to the fact that in this business, you have to have a thick skin. I don't deny that. Doesn't mean I will support mean-spirited, unconstructive criticism when I see it. And I know it when I see it. There's a way one can give critiques (beyond just what kind of lens to use) without it being personal. Many of the comments to Khalid weren't done that way.

Dissenters to Khalid's piece weren't just saying he need to user fewer slider shots. His work was called "rubbish"; just another bunch of pretty shots; irresponsible; crappy slider work; etc. IMHO, those kind of comments (and the context in which they were told) doesn't seem constructive.

Bottomline: Khalid is a big boy. He doesn't need me to defend him, and it seems based on the interview his skin is indeed thick enough. I think we can all agree to disagree on whether his piece is "journalism."

JD, I applaud your passion for this topic. I really do. It's obvious you care about this industry. Just be open to other ways of doing things that go outside the norm. The biggest harbingers of change always come on the coat tails of passionate debates such as this. Recognize when you see that going on in an industry, and make the decision to embrace that change.

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I really don't think he was comparing himself to Natchwey. Come on. Khalid's young, but he's not stupid. He was just making the point that even Natchwey makes stylistic decisions on how he post processes his photos. He just doesn't shoot and throw them in a magazine. Khalid was defending his decision to do color correcting as a way to make his film look better by stating the fact that even the "masters" do that.