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Gareth, why not just delete the offending post and and save everyone from wasting their time reading it or being tempted to respond?

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(And I might observe that with the newish 'intense debate' system and using the 'No-Script' script-blocker on Firefox as I am, this is the page with the most 'script permission' requirements I've yet to encounter!). 16 no less!)

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And hasn't Mr. Derek aged?

In all seriousness, I do wonder what JL hopes to achieve, if anything, with his 'direst of the dire' predictions. Perhaps he assumes if he says something shocking enough things might change? Perhaps he's reached the curmudgeon stage and doesn't care any more? Perhaps a bit of both?

Leastways, I doubt our species will ever be knocked back far enough not to rise again. That isn't necessarily an encouraging thought, but if we follow Flannery and Diamond we might hope the reborn society will be a lot wiser...

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I've made it my business to find every temperature station record for every country that keeps them that i can possibley find, and I've noticed one thing; very rarely, infact never do the match up with th IPCC temperature records

The hell you have, son! All you've done is memorize some routinized drivel we've all seen 73 times already (yes, I made it my business to count them all and then averaged out the result!)

Rightwing student-union types - sheesh!

(And: me fail English? That's unpossible?)

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Wow, Basil Brush gets his own comic!

I don't want to agree with Lovelock, but I predict some organic spambot will shortly suport his theory...