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The holders of the paper (the mega-rich who know exactly what they're doing) will end up getting some wonderful old buildings, islands -- you name it -- for pennies on the dollar. This is how the game is played -- and this massive theft will be coming to a country near you. It is already underway. Why do you think Greece has a "technocrat" running it instead of a duly elected representative of the people? Why do you think the Greeks have been raising heck in the streets? They know how they're being set up to lose everything and live their lives under the boot of banking cartels that run everything in the western world. Don't expect the lamestream media to explain it to you here in th USA and don't expect your public school teachers to teach your kids how the real world operates. That's the last thing the "system" wants.

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The elitists will land on their feet because they have very likely orchestrated what's happening and know how to capitalize on it. How things will play out for them in the afterlife is another story.

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It all appears to be part of a grand plan to further consolidate wealth into the hands of a few. The masses will be livid soon enough when they realize what's been done to them. It looks like governments around the world have been preparing for quite some time to deal with widespread outrage -- right down to the black riot gear, helmet, shields, military-type equipment and vehicles -- and crowd control tactics we see city cops using across Europe and the USA. Also, Germany is now doing pat downs at its airports, so it seems this whole thing is happening on a coordinated global scale. This feeds the belief that what some elites have promised in the form of a New World Order is finally coming to fruition.

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Reportedly they bailed out and bought gold and silver, which happens to be the currency of the elites. BTW, the "smart money" here in the US dumped their stocks and everything else that's paper-oriented and moved into gold and silver when the price was right, buying it by the ton. All of this has been shared by a gentleman by the name of Lindsey Williams whose interviews are available on the internet. A website called "Zero Hedge" made it abundantly clear that stocks were being dumped wholesale by insiders many months ago. Bottom line, according to Williams, it's a bad idea to put one's faith in anything paper as it will be finished before the end of 2012. I guess we'll have to see, but Williams has a very good track record and a couple of connections that reach all the way to the top of the pyramid.

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Great point. The best way to defeat a nation is to bankrupt it because no physical damage is done to the spoils of "war". The big bankers are masters at this trick and know how to get the politicians to do their bidding, which involves forcing massive debt on the duped population and then taking over the country when the taxpayers can't make good on the loans. This treachery is planned for every country, in my opinion, and could easily result in the one world government that so many elites have openly talked about for decades.

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To me he seems very relaxed for a President whose nation is being purposefully destroyed on his watch. The globalists -- who want one-world government -- must be thrilled with his performance.

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Agreed that the regs are destroying small business, not to mention the raids (e.g., Gibson Guitar). Big business's smaller competitors are being systematically eliminated -- all leading to the loss of jobs in the USA and the dismantling of the middle class. Does he know this? No doubt about it. Does he give a rat's behind? Obviously not. I have a feeling the road to one-world government begins in the USA and it will become painfully obvious with our inevitable economic collapse, which can't be too far off.

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Seems like he wants to DEMORALIZE the entire country. Now, why would he want to kick us while we're down instead of try to lift us up a bit -- or just refrain from insulting us? As FDR said, "There are no accidents in politics." The President has an agenda (yet to be revealed) and I don't think it's one that the American people will find acceptable.

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People who attend Bilderberg meetings aren't exactly interested in protecting US sovereignty. It's worth a few minutes of one's life to do an internet search of "Google + Bilderberg" -- but do the search using Yahoo or aol.

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What Schmidt said is so absurd to people who know better -- and most already do whether consciously or subconsciously.