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With the few extra years I have on you come a special kind of wisdom, the kind that kept me from simply taking a bite out of one of those peppers. I commend you for your bravery. Did your gallbladder vaporize?

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Entering a new life phase, so a free polo shirt helps the cause . #BnpositivePolo

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Right on the money, Doug. This is not difficult to grasp and KA sounds like a bright individual. I'm sure they have already started benefiting from your thoughtful recommendations.

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Very helpful video, Douglas. Keep that stuff coming.

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Excellent work. Very reasonable.

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Doug, very reasonable and said well. I'm sure Jason will see the error of his ways with such thoughtful persuasion. He might be thinking of the grossest examples when it comes to blogging for SEO and ghostblogging. We'd probably agree with him. It's like comparing an effective, provocative or entertaining, television commercial with those by Peter Francis you-know-who or "apply directly to forehead." We gots to have smart marketing.

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Good idea. Most of the people I talk to have a very simplistic understanding of a blog, just as you have pointed out. I like your way of repositioning it.

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It looks to me that the 27% in the Not Relevant/Don't Know category also offers the most opportunity to impact via persuasion. If you can get a third of those in that figure to understand the potential then you have almost 60% increase, putting Social Media tops on the list.