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Yes. We must resist. I am glad Liberty Clinger quoted Churchill. Churchill was a very imperfect man who would never have become Prime Minister in peaceful times. He suffered from depression and mood swings, Some say bi-polar and some people have suggested HDD. He drank expensive booze nearly around the clock. Like Hitler he imagined he was a great military strategist, which he was not. Yet he was a great fighter, a great leader, a great networker and inspirer of men an women. He may not have been a great impromptu orator BUT HE WAS A GREAT WRITER AND A GREAT ACTOR, READING HIS OWN MAGNIFICENT SCRIPTS.
Churchill today would have been despised and ridiculed as Geert Wilders and Benjamin Netanyahu are today. Churchill was an imperfect warrior like Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Geert Wilders and Benjamin Netanyahu, We must stand firmly behind the imperfect men and women with Churchillian chutzpah and perhaps Churchillian faults.They are standing up to and fight against the darkness from the Middle East. Somebody needs to lead and we must not assassinate them from behind.

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I posted it again further down the page. Have a look,. Thank you for your appreciation.

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Some time in the dimly remembered history of our Western civilization, our white European ancestors arrogantly imagined they were genetically, intellectually and culturally superior to all other races and peoples. We forgot what Jesus taught about humility and we decided the God of the Bible had chosen us to be the master race to dominate the world.
Then some European intellectuals started to question these assumptions. Then we were told that we must not consider black people to be inferior. No problems there. Books began to appear about “the Great World Religions.” Then we were told all cultures are of equal value. So now we have gone from one extreme to another. We used to believe it was the duty of educated white Christian people to go out and conquer the lesser breeds, civilize them by making them like ourselves.
Now we are told all of the so called “Great World Religions” are good and must not be criticised, except strangely enough, Christianity and the Jews are now considered fair game for everyone to persecute and blame for everything.
We have gone from one arrogant and irrational belief system to an opposite form of arrogant delusion. If all cultures and belief systems are equal, then Nazi Germany was no better or worse than the democratic countries who opposed Hitler. Post War democratic Japan is no better than the Imperial Japan which set out to conquer Asia and America. South Korea is no better or worse than North Korea.
So it is clearly obvious that not all cultures and belief systems are equal. It is also clear that some cultures and belief systems are a threat to ordinary decent human societies, as Hitler’s Germany was and as North Korea is today. It was the religion of Mohammed that motivated the Arabs to conquer the Middle East and North Africa in a particularly ruthless manner. Why should we assume that all religions are good?
Jesus said this about assessing religious leaders.

"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. Matthew 7:15-17 (NIV)

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Thank you Santiago. I have been familiar with Kipling's RECESSIONAL since childhood but I have never studied it. I Googled it just now and it seems you are right. I will have to edit out that sentence because I do not wish to distort Kipling's intended meaning.

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Dear Ahmed. Thank you for your courteous reply. I regularly talk to Muslims and they tell me about their religion. In fact I listen to them more than I tell them about my Christian belief. I also talk to ex-Muslims and non Muslims from Muslim countries and I try to learn as much as I can. I am told by ex-Muslims that most Muslim people are decent human beings who want to be good and I believe them. However, I also know that many Muslims from Middle Eastern Countries are refugees in my country, Australia. The majority are refugees from Islamic civil war..When planes piloted by Muslim Jihadists destroyed the World Trade Centre, some of the Muslims in our Australian schools greeted the news with spontaneous cheers. This is not the religion of peace but the passion for world conquest.

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Hitler could not be defeated by German dissidents, idealists or democrats. He could only be defeated by a Churchill and a British people who stood firmly behind Churchill against Germany. It is true that there are many moderate Muslims but it was also true that there were many moderate Germans who did not like Hitler or the Nazis. Hitler could not be defeated by believing in the goodness of the many moderate Germans because the moderate Germans were powerless and irrelevant. It was necessary to stand and fight with Churchill against Germany. It was only after total war against Germany had succeeded that it was possible to rescue the moderate Germans from Hitler and start again.
Hitler did not become powerful by being nice, and Islam did not become a "great world religion" by Baptist evangelism. Islam conquered the Middle East and North Africa by a couple of hundred years of ruthless military conquest and coerced conversion of conquered peoples. Why do Egyptians speak Arabic today? An Egyptian Christian told me. If Egyptians spoke their national language, the Arab conquerors cut their tongues out.