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i'm picturing myself in a knee length, cute yet casual dress witha great pair of cowgirl boots. i'd want to get the boots somewhere out there because i'm sure they just have an amazing variety and be able to show off someof the local flare and style. after that, i think turquoise jewelry would complete the ensemble perfectly!

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dreaming is something that we don't do enough of. i love this post, really making you dig deep into your thoughts and coming up with a true and raw image of what you really want out of life. me... my dream is just based on the concept of being happy and secure. i know, it sounds corny but that's what it really comes down to for me. i already have my dream husband and daughter so now, i just dream of making a better life for ourselves and hopefully, have some great surprises and twists along the way. on the crazier side though, i do dream of moving somewhere that is always warm (i'm currently surrounded by 2 feet of snow!) and becoming a famous movie star or backup dancer!! got to let the mind wander off and go nuts every once in a while!

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goodness me, this house is just captivating in so many ways...i can't say enough about it! mary, i'm sorry i know this is a bit late for a question about the dream home and it may have already come up but is there a television in the great room or just in the home theatre space? just wondering what room my husband would be making his own!

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whoever captured this scene should win an award or something! it's just breathtaking

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holy crap! now i want to win even more just for the chance to get out to santa fe's cafe pasqual and try those huevos motulenos! as you listed the ingredients, it just sounded more and more yummy! my cousin runs a diner...definitely going to make her try that as a special some time soon. although, i might want to get out there first to try the real thing myself!

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i love having a kitchen space that inspires me to cook and try new recipes, like risotto! this kitchen by far exceeds my expectations in what i would normally look for in my dream space but hey, i'll take it all! it can only make me better, right?! can't wait to see who the lucky one is who will actually be using this ridiculously amazing space on a daily basis. i feel the jealousy coming on already!

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You got that right Lynn...super exciting that people are getting a chance to see this superb house before I get to move in! Of course, I'm just wishing, hoping and praying that actually DOES happen! It's even cooler that the fee for the tours are benefiting a local high school. The one that my daughter may one day attend! Haha, now I just can't stop thinking about the possibility of winning and ending up there! Like I said before though...someone has to win! Why not either of us?!!

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I'm texting right now! It's just awesome that there is such an easy way to make a difference and give to those who have been devastated by the disaster in Haiti. Thank you for the info!

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Oh Eliabeth, I couldn't agree more. My husband and I got married last year and unfortunately, have still yet to take a honeymoon...well, we don't even have one planned for anytime in the near future! If we are so fortunate enough to win this dream package, it would be like having a honeymoon every single day! We have our darling little girl Layla who is 9 months old and being able to have her grow up in such an incredible house and community would just be the biggest dream come true out of it all. I know a lot of people out there are putting all their prayers into becoming the mega winners this year, especially those, like ourselves who are struggling to stay afloat. Wouldn't it just be nice as parents to be taken care of for a while and deserve some of the finer things in life?! It's just awesome that HGTV is going to be giving someone that chance and I hope that person appreciates it as much as our family would. I mean, how could you not?! And how unbelievably spectacular is this year's house?! Alright, I think I've used enough adjectives in my ranting!

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New Mexico was never really in my mind as somewhere to move, but it just makes so much sense now. Especially with how well the Dream Home 2010 was introduced and it's magnificent surroundings, it's just easy to picture yourself there will all the beauty that New Mexico has to offer. I can see why you chose NM as your final decision. It's vibrant colors, food (the spicier the better!), and culture are something to be longed for. Of course, so is that house! I also hope for my family to win everything however, it seems like it is just that... a DREAM home! What are the odds?!! Hey, I guess someone has to win!! Good Luck to everyone who thinks dreams CAN come true!