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So weird, I actually just pulled out a very similar recipe of mine a couple of nights ago in prep for a brunch at a friend's house this weekend. I'm even planning to post it next week on my blog! Great minds think alike ;-)

Speaking of alike, do you call your mom "Mama"? So do I! I don't hear many people use that term, and my friends in college even used to poke fun at me for it (in a nice way of course).

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Rebecca - I just saw your mention of Broadbent's and had to chime in....I grew up with the Broadbents! Mrs. Broadbent was my middle school homeroom teacher, and in high school, I worked for them at their store! They sold the family business several years ago, but Broadbent's hams will always hold a special place in my heart :-)

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So excited to try this! Have a feeling it's going to be on my table at Thanksgiving!

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Thanks for the offer Epicuriani! I go up to Minneapolis a few times a year, so I can get some the next time I go, and this time I'll be sure to check my bag instead of carrying on!

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Yes, the full regular menu is still available as well, this is just in addition to!

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Love, love, love it! I'm making this tomorrow! My co-worker brings me bags full of squash and zucchini all summer long and it's sometimes hard to come up with creative new ways to enjoy it, so thanks for giving me a new idea!

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Ooh, Antoinette- I will have to make a Lentil Daal with it, I'm sure it would be fantastic!

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Okay, mark your calendar now for the 2nd weekend in October 2010! We'll take Cadiz by storm and eat country ham till we're sick. (maybe we should all enter the baking contest too!)

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Not many people know where Cadiz is, and you even know about the Ham Festival! Too funny! I actually haven't attended in years, but told myself a while back that next year will be the year I'm going to do it. Perhaps we should make it a Nashville food blogger/bitesters road trip and get Erin, Lindsay, Ryan, Chris C, and others to join in the fun!
Trigg County was just recently voted WET for the first time in 103 years, so it could be one hell of a party!