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Wow, much tougher than I thought it would be. ;)

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Dude! This is good stuff. I had heard it before but you really explained it well. (sounds like I"m one of those spammers, ewww) Anyhow ways, I LIKE THE APPLE WHALE AND A CAN OF SPAM and want whatever they make :)

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I would love to read The Revolutionary: Paul Revere. I'm starting a new job at a bank this week after cut backs at the church I am working for asked me to take a part time position due to financial difficulties. I'm going from an atmosphere that I created at the church to an atmosphere that can be rather intimidating. I hope to move up quickly and make a positive influence. This book seems like it would be a great help and encouragement to me on this new and exciting endeavor.
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Dude! I just felt a virtual slap in my face. I was one of the ones mocking their giving, Doh! Proves to me again that I've got issues on my side of politics that I have to work through.

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Is your dad the pastor of a church?
I'm kinda running an experiment with my church. Very conservative and not totally sold on the importance of online media. I'm totally sold on the idea and am looking forward to an awesome trip through the "blogosphere" :) (that sounded wierd)

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 IntenseDebate Notification <DIV>because there isn't much going on. :)</DIV> <DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial">

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Thanks man, I really appreciate it.

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The reason why we chose a scrapbook is because there would be no way we could all share all our stories about how much the Cooley's have done for us but we can sure enough share just a "scrap" of information about a time when they really ministered to us. I appreciate your comments Bro. Harrison. Make sure to spread the word about the scrapbook and submit a page for yourself. :)

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nice to hear from you Drake. Just think how much more effective we would be if we stopped using our gifts from God as toys.

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AWESOME, I was in Romania for three months in 2000 on a summer missions trip. The Eomanian people are so incredible. We taught english camps with Josiah Venture. What are ya'll going to be doing?
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