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Hi Gilchatai: The point being is majority of the marketplace (70% of women) is petite at 5'5" and under. Petite is stature and not body weight.

Petite women may have the option to buy standard sizes, but they don't fit our frame. Why should we have to endure additional tailoring cost for the 3% of the country that can fit the standard sizes, this is completely illogical.

Essentially, designers are only satisfying 3% of women at 5'9" and over, this is poor marketing to ignore the majority. Petite women command 10 billion in retail buying power and we are the largest segment of women. Our demands should be the focus.

If designers like Ann Taylor and others carry petite sizing, they should use petite models and target the market place adequately. They should not expect petite women to assimiliate with the tall models. We all know clothing looks differently on a petite frame, it's deceptive to show petite clothing on a standard sized 5'9"+ model.

At this time there are only five high end designers offering petite sizes and they don't use petite models and they don't market the petite lines at all. As a result, many petite women don't know they exist.

Sure a solution is that all designers carried accurate petite sizing, but they need to have petite models showing the lines on the runway and in advertisements. This is smart and effective marketing.

In respect to Petite Sophisticates the truth is their clothes were awful, unless you were over the age of 65... Thank you for your commentary! Make sure to subscribe at

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Hello Cynthia: You are absolutely correct! We can all agree that ANTM purposely cut their activities short and didn't properly represent petite models. The show was a disservice in the positive promotion of petite models. Thank you for reading and participating on Make sure you joined as a member to get your free subscription to Bella Petite Magazine at

P.S. Miss Sundai Love rocked the Bella Petite Palm Springs editorial shoot and you will only see that campaign in the magazine!

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Hello Everybody: Thank you for all of the positive support! Hearing from our reader's is extremely positive and encouraging to my efforts. I am pleased to know that you all appreciate the magnificent undertaking is embarking upon, in an effort to bring about positive acceptance in the entertainment, beauty and fashion industry.

As well as, I hope to enlighten your mind and ease the load of everyday life circumstances we all have to deal with. Thank you for being a supporter and member!

Best Regards, Ann Lauren

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This story was posted in an effort to alert small business owners about what can happen to them by using FB and how to prevent it. Plus, we need to bring attention to Facebook's inadequacies, so they fix the problem. To this day we've never spoken to a live person.

Bella Petite pays to advertise on Facebook and if there's a problem we should be able to communicate with an actual company representative. The thought of spending tens of thousands of dollars to advertise electronically and then have a gliche occur and not be able to address it with a LIVE representative is ridiculous and extremely damaging to a company!

The point being their is no excuse for Facebook to have customer service that is so rotten, when they have hundreds of millions of dollars in profit to utilize. Obviously they can afford to spend money in an effort to provide proper customer service.

Mark Zuckerburg and his shareholders are simply being greedy and they should be held accountable for their service or lack thereof. Companies such as Paypal and Ebay have awesome customer service and they are huge, and a great example for Facebook to follow...

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Hi Lana: It is wonderful that you appreciated the show. I agree with you the chemistry was great today and we'll certainly do it again I am sure! Keep on listening and I will do my level best to impress you next week on the show. Thanks again for tuning in!

Have a great day! Ann Lauren

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This article is generating excellent commentary and thoughful discussion! That's the whole point to talk about the appropriate and articulate ways in which petite women should be represented in the media. We challenge you to find another article describing and depicting TALL actresses in the same manner. I am sure we are used to these adjectives, and might not think there's anything bad about it, because we are conditioned by the media, but it's our mission to change the paradigm! (

It's time to change the old negative stereotypes. We are not a "childish, cartoonish, diminutive, shorty, vertically challenge" or any other bad explicatives used to describe PETITE women. PETITES ARE BEAUTIFUL! We are the new look of fashion and beauty, and that's how we want to be recognized.

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Dear Anne: You are sadly misguided. You certainly lack knowledge and expertise. Their happens to be swimsuits designed expressly for long torso's, long legged, small and large breasted women, as explained in the article. Granted there are some swimsuits both a 5'9" and 5'2" woman can wear, but not entirely are we able to wear alike apparel. As a matter of fact many petite women can't where standard bra sizing either. Have you ever heard of bra manufacturers specializing in this area for petite consumers? We have. How about petite clothing designer's that actually scale clothing to fit a "petite woman's" frame due to the fact we can't fit standard size clothing? We know who they are in case you don't.

The fact is petite women's bodies are different from a 5'9" tall model it's common knowledge...

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Actually Rach, Tyra Banks and her America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 show spent an entire season slamming petite models. Her label for us was "shorties." Tyra and her cast never missed an opportunity to make fun of the petite models even calling them "midget models." She staged their living quarters as a children's playhouse complete with carnival signs mocking the petite girls heights.

You should actually do your research and know what you're talking about before you share your extremely uninformed observation.

Their are blogs all over the internet where the "amazons" do nothing, but put down petite women calling us kids and men child molesters for dating us. Petty Petites or Adversarial Amazons

In addition, to modeling agencies and magazines being downright crude when it comes to referencing petite women. If Amazons can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen! The tall girls on several current reality shows actually call themselves amazons...Get ready for a new reality show coming soon called PETITES VS. AMAZONS!

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Hi Fariha: This is where it all begins. Retailers don\'t address the petite market place. The retailer\'s that do have petite lines, don\'t advertise to the market and don\'t use petite models when they advertise. Ann Taylor, BCBG, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Vera Wang have petite clothing, but won\'t use petite models and don\'t market it in their mainstream campaigns that they have the petite lines, you basically have to stumble upon them to find out. When designer\'s do say they have petites they put a TALL model in their fashion shows and ad campaigns, so we don\'t make the connection it\'s a line that even fits us.

You have the mass market being petite, but petites have \"ZERO\" market place identity. The retailer\'s are marketing to 3% of women! (That\'s their personal preference)...go figure!

If PETITE WOMEN don\'t challenge the status quo it will remain.

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Everyone needs to understand this why you don't see "PETITE models and FASHIONS" advertised in the market place. The retailers don't feel they need to because petite women have settled for the status quo...

The next problem is scaling for majority of the clothing lines. They don't do it because petite women are conditioned to ALTERATIONS. This why most clothing lines don't offer petite sizing. If you're ok with the status quo and you like paying extra cost to alter your clothes than you're ok with the lack of petite representation.

If you are not okay with the status quo then you have to demand a change like the "full figured" women have!