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As a teacher, I can guess that not every single student that enters my room likes me...but I would bet that most of them do. Using this example in reference to Dr. Pilch, it is my belief that the majority of teachers highly respect her and do not believe that she is "bringing down the top" in any way. I guess we will just agree to disagree.

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goodluckfrommt--the worst part about Messenger getting hired in Boulder Valley is that it was politically motivated from backlash NOt to hire from within...and the best candidate for the job didn't get a fair shake. While the BVSD school board was enjoying Helena on the tax-payer's dime, Deirdre Pilch was busy overseeing all of the middle and high schools in this district and probably had no idea they were even gone.

Stay Classy, school board. You guys listened to the wrong people. I bet Messenger got glowing reviews in it is easy to understand why.

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Teacher input overwhelmingly in support of Pilch obviously didn't matter either...must have been those glowing interviews they did about Messenger while on the (probably costly) trip to Helena.

Disappointed, but a good reality check about whose opinions the School Board actually listens to when it comes down to making a stand...and it isn't Teachers.

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I feel so sorry for all of the other coaches and the Administration at Broomfield High School. The allegations that Masse's perverse actions were covered up or condoned by the school/district in any way is just another example of a misdirected angry mob with torches and pitchforks. Masse betrayed everyone! He acted on his own! His choices led to this situation--"person in a position of trust". It is so sad that so many other people have to pay for his mistakes.

The girl's father was on these trips "partying" with the coaches...but now he has a right to sue the district? You are right--none of this adds up. And--a student reported the texts to a COACH who took this information to the Principal. Have your facts right if you are going to carry a torch and pitchfork.

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Messinger is from a small district and will be new to Boulder Valley. As Assistant Superintendent in Boulder Valley, Dr. Pilch has been an effective leader in a district nearly four times as large.

Sebring's lack of memory concerning her own comments about "our woes that are brought on by Labor unions" was an infinitely more uncomfortable moment during her hour interview--and should be taken into account considering how ugly the last 4 years have been between BVSD and BVEA.

Pilch is the right choice for our district, and her familiarity and experience with CURRENT BVSD and Colorado politics are a big factor that sets her apart from the others.

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@hidden: You are actually saying that candidates from Iowa and Montana have "as much if not more experience and familiarity with the Front Range and Colorado politics than does Pilch"? How long has it been since Messenger and Sebring were Colorado residents? Pilch knows this district infinitely better than either of the other candidates. As the Assistant Superintendent, she is well aware of the responsibilities of a Superintendent--and some people would argue that she has actually done above-and-beyond footwork in BVSD as Asst. Superintendent that will make the jump to Superintendent very familiar and efficient.

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I know lots of teachers in this district. The only teachers that have anything negative to say about Deirdre Pilch are the ones that she has met with to ensure that they are teaching with academic rigor and meeting the BVSD curriculum requirements.

Teaching to the "lowest common denominator" does not involve bringing more International Baccalaureate opportunities to this district--which Dr. Pilch spearheaded when she was a Principal. It is just lazy to say that she will "faithfully" follow in Chris King's footsteps.

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"Why are the women who consent in these cases not punished for their part? "

Because they are under the age of 18 and in school, where the hope would be that people in a position of trust would never take advantage of them. All the rules change when the role models break the rules--how is a "kid" supposed to keep track of boundaries when this happens (i.e. getting A's in classes without doing homework)?

Masse obviously should never have crossed this terrible line, and the girls should not be punished unless they have made up the story.

Look at the text messages in this case...and tell me that the girls completely made up this story. NO WAY

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Pilch is the perfect person for the BVSD Superintendent job. She is well respected by teachers, administrators, students, and community members. We can only hope that the School Board will choose her as the next Superintendent!

This process has nothing to do with "moving people around within the district"--Dr. Pilch has earned a right to be considered via a 3rd party national search for this position, and she will do great things if given the opportunity.

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The "insider"--Dr. Pilch would be a great choice for Superintendent. It is too bad that she is being judged as too familiar, when the reality is that her track record already shows that she can make things happen. The biggest mistake would be to overlook Dr. Pilch and select an "unfamliar" candidate where the district will lose focus on programs that are already in place and working. As a teacher, I am hopeful that we can continue the good work that is being done. I am hopeful that Deirdre Pilch will be selected as the next BVSD Superintendent.