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Where is the justice? I cannot believe that a man, father of three, would agree that his brother-in-law would kill the mother of his children with an axe. How is this possible, in the 21st century? I cannot believe my eyes.

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That's real stupid. You see, for years people from all over the world went to America because it was said that in that country any man could be rich if he worked hard enough, and it would not matter where he was from. America was, and (Sadly after so much war and asshole presidents this has changed a little, but I'll say it this way) America was, and is the beacon of freedom, of democracy and right. Yeah... there are many muslims in USA. You know what else? There are hundreds, thousands of sotuhamericans. There are millions of jews. There are also hundred, or thousands os Asians. There are... religions of all type, with the right to follow their religion in USA, with the rightr to express their feelings about religion, and to pray and go to their religious temples.
I think your post is sarcastic, but i'll still say all this so that you know. And by the way... Egypt and Syria and Palestine all converted to muslim religion... hundred, thousand years ago? Honestly, in the XXI century that would NEVER happen. And least of all to the United States of America... please, c'mon.

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In the western world, if a woman or a girl is raped, she isn't punished for it. In the Western World, murder is punished by prison wheter you are a woman or a man. In the western world there exists a word called Right. In the western world there exists a word called Equality. Western governments, I assure you, are fare. There is no comparison, none, with the Islamic "governments" that are based on violence, hate, violence, hate and violence. Yes, western governments have killed many Islamic dictaros. Thank goodness. You see this as an injustice? Saddam Hussein being killed... I wonder how many millions and millions of people rejoiced his death. These are men responsable of thousands of deaths. Thousands of souls, of women and children and men. The western governments are the most just in the world, the ones that most justice and freedom provide.
The only thing that I agree with, is that it's wrong for them to prohibit women to wear Burka. And even that... it's not that big a deal, they can still wear Hijab and I have seen women wearing their hair covered. But to cover your face interfers with security issues for the people around the person whose face is covered.
The western governments do provide support. They provide the same support to everyone living in their country (They have NO reason to offer speacil support for muslims) The support you get is that you can say what you like, withouth being scared of a bunch of brainless townpeople with rocks in their hands. You get support because there is a logical law that can and will protect you, you have churches and sinagogs and mosques and all the religois monuments you like.
In egypt a woman was sent to Jail for naming a teddy bear Allah. Now... don't say a thing about western governments, and dont defend Islamic ones. They have nothing to say for themselves, and nor should you have something to say for them.

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They will not be liked if they justify the repression of women, not in my country. I hope whatever they say it is truthful and honest, that way everyone will be able to see the true Islam and trow them out of our media before they can dirty it.

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I wish they would translate what it sais I understand nothing. Alltough the images they show in this video are terrible, I can't help feeling hopeful. Yes, the situation es crytical, yes the military force has the power and there is no justice. But the dictatorship is over, they managed to overthrough that, and in the end nothing can contain the rage of the people. I feel confident, that fighting, always moving forwards, they will manage to obtain their freedom. They will manage to rid themselves of this shit that are the human beings that form part of the military in Egypt. Please, i ask if someone know Arabic to translate, and yes, be horrofied by the video. But never forget to think that they are fighting! They will keep fighting!

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Someone@ This article is not saying Islam forbidds vegetables and fruits. Read. It sais that a Imam (Islamic priest) is claming that they should prohibit food that can be associated with sexual ideas. Of course, only women should be prohibited to eat these items of fruit and vegetable, because they need to be controlled, according to this priest.
I repeat, read before starting to say that this is incorrect information. Just one Imam doesn't represent the whole of islam, if thats what you understood, nor does this article say that.

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Actually (I agree with your comment, just saying) they follow the example of the prophet Mohammed (Mahoma) And yes, he was a pedophile, he married a girl of six years, and had sex with her when she was nine. But Allah is the God, they obey him, they can't follow his example for he is not human, and has never duled upon this world (according to their religion and sacred readings of course)
Just informing

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In everything I read in this site, all the muslims that talk about Islam, keep saying that the religion's goal is to make the world convert to Islam. Zakaryia, you are very lucky you freed yourself of the monster that is this religion and I wish you luck. It makes me scared, when people speak of the power of Islam, but it shows we should only keep fighting against it and it's injustice. I hope many more muslims, just like the muslims who created this page, realize the brainwashing that they have been forced to, and abandon it.
Islam is based on nothing but hatred, and everyday little girls and women suffer it, everyday men and little boys are poisoned by it. Lets hope someday no one will have to be threatend by it anymore.