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Does it pass the smell test? This bureaucrat should have had this question presented to him in any Business Ethics class. The sad thing is Neely probably won't lose his job over this. He will quietly be shuffled to another agency. It's this behavior that has created a credibility gap between the government and the people.

A wise person once gave me the best advice for situations like these, "Don't be that guy!"

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Thanks for stopping by.

Obviously, we are just getting rolling here. But, I'd like to think my conversion story isn't terribly unique. Just a by-product of being around my wife's family for a long time.

Keep up the good work that you do!

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That would be the correct assumption at this point. I have completed my initial online pass on both Orpha's and George's family and am next moving to Burnace's family.

I will be posting the information on George Draper Allen and Bertha J. Ekey's family, later today or tomorrow. The website should have the updated data in it by the weekend.

Hopefully, I can make some head way on Burnace's family.

I am almost to the point where I am going to have to go visit the archives to get further. I took a quick trip to the County Library to refamiliarize myself with what they had on Montgomery County, plus they have added the National Genealogical Society collections since I was there last. I was looking primarily for new information around land ownership, but there was some other stuff as well. I decided that once I had a complete picture of everyone from Montgomery County, I would venture back down there. This includes the children and other marriages from all of those relatives in Montgomery County. I am nowhere near ready to tackle that piece.