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The recourse is criminal court. Hard to present the ACTUAL proof that he's done much wrong. I don't think his speeches about "this and that" would be enough proof. There are other alternatives, but none of them legal.

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Well, what it really turns out to be to Demidogs, iffin' ya not paying more in taxes than what ya earn, ya justa ain't duin' your part fur society!!! :-(

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Jolly, go back and read my post again. I think ya missed something somewhere, like sarcasm. The FIRST sentence says it all - BS. The difference in FMJ and HP - FMJ is good for wounding and HP good for KILLING. AND, Soros, he better hope he never fits in my sights.

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Jolly, ya just not believing the BS put out. They HAVE to train using the SAME type ammo they carry. Different types fire differently. Yeah, like ya gonna fire a handgun, even 50-cal over about 40 feet. Now, iffin' ya believe the effects of the coolaid, I gots some Pacific coast property for sail (sale) just outside Phoenix. Beautiful property!!!

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Wolfman, that simple. You beat them to death with the butt of the rifle!! Yeah, as if you would get more than one swing!!

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Why not?? He was an Indonesian citizen. Most of his education/support was given by a Saudi prince. He was bought and paid for when running fur prez by none other than George Soros.

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Try cancer treatments, if you want expensive. I could have shot my wife and put her out of her misery, but opted for treatment instead. Hospital/drug/radiation/doctor/rehab, etc , last I checked before I gave up, was about $350k. She's now in remission, but still receiving treatments and rehab.

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David, ya mean ya don't wanna pay $150k for a $20k vehicle?? Shame on you!! Well, when push come to shove, I don't either, so shame on me!! And, those standards will be erased next year. New Prez, new ideas, thank Goodness!!!

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Depends on what religion you belong to. Jewish people do NOT put the "o" in it. AND, "not" has a "t" and noT an "r".

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Well, there was talk about banning it, especially for drinking, until some upstart congressional assistant told his congressman what it was/is. The congressman, and those of like thinking need to be banned from its use.