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Great examples. Now I just have to get my reporters to see Twitter as more than quips about what people had for breakfast...

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Hands in scans? Seriously? Wow.

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Some of the technology is out there right now, but it's piecemeal. The kind of integration he's suggesting hasn't really been actively tried yet.

One concern about having the users do it for you though is that you run into the possibility of overflow. I suppose that's why Kevin values curation so much. Let the readers do some of the information gathering and then let the "experts" sort it into something meaningful.

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I'm curious to hear your thoughts about Disqus vs. IntenseDebate over the months since your wrote this post. I've been going back and forth, back and forth, agonizing over whether to switch to Disqus (which seems to have a larger following) or stick with ID (which is owned by Wordpress's parent company). Right now, I'm trying out Disqus 3.0.

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But his comments have been made a part of it now. He acted irresponsibly by posting comments like that on his profile, especially given his position as a public servant. Sure, he has a right to free speech, but that speech has to be tempered by the context and his own sense of professionalism -- a sense that appears to have been cast aside however briefly on Facebook. Regardless of whether the comments end up having a bearing on the lawsuit, the situation has opened up a new area of discussion: should public officials' social networking profiles be monitored? Do those officials really have freedom of speech on those sites? Where is the line between appropriate and inappropriate?

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Look at how much hot water the president found himself in after making one off-the-cuff remark about the police officer who arrested Henry L. Gates. Public figures may have the same rights to free speech that normal people do, but they have to show a little more caution in exercising their rights because -- on and off the clock -- the represent the agency they work for. That's the price for being a public figure.

Now, whether it's worth the cost... I don't know.

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Good point. I wrote about those very paragraphs in a new post: http://www.hypercrit.net/2009/08/18/police-office...

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Michael, what menu aren't you finding?

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Sorry for the delay in responding, James, but this is a work blog that I haven't checked in a while. It's possible that the software on your Flip camera is different than the software on the cameras we're using here. That may account for the missing icon.

We're working with Flip Ultra cameras. Are you using a similar camera? Have you gotten the files to play?

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Exactly. Their lack of preparedness for an emergency like this is a shame. The fact that their phone lines were clearly overloaded by people calling to find out what the heck was going out should have been an indication that they needed to find alternative methods to spread information about the outage -- such as Twitter or social networks or, hell, even calling the news stations themselves. Instead, they are, for the moment, going to be known as #bresnanfail. A missed opportunity to build their reputation as a customer service leader, and hopefully a lesson learned for next time.