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My sister had two boys (5 and 3) when she had twin boys. Yup, four boys under the age of 5. She was and still is going crazy sometimes but she loves it. I too have the CRAZY twin gene. Besides my sister (who is my half sister from my mother's side) I have about 6 more sets of twins on my father's side. Anyway, the idea of having a two for one deal sounds like a good plan to me. They have an unexplainable bond that is amazing to see and it is nice to know that you would have help this time around. If you do have twins, please don't dress them alike every day of their lives. lol.

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If you have a problem then stop reading her blog....please!

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I believe that I will be a great mother some day. I believe that my father will know my children and they will know and love him the way I do.

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I just wanted to let you know that you are such an inspiration not only to single moms but to women in general. I am not a mom and I am married (going on 2 years) but you are so real and honest about life, love, and being a mom that it gives hope to anyone who reads your blog. I pray that things continue to go well with you and John Bear. :) God bless!