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I was thinking the same thing. I'm sure half the budget is printing up special flyers and banners or business cards.

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Unfortunately no one shops anymore in Pioneer Square. Only rug shops are left.

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They will always find a way to get drugs here no matter how much money is spent trying to defend the borders. Meth is not something that is imported, but produced here. Money would be better spent trying to help people not want drugs through better education, job training, and counseling.

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Apple has had quite a few failures as well. Everytime that Steve Jobs left Apple, the company has suffered. I give them a couple of years with no major product upgrades or new product lines introduced now that Steve Jobs is gone.

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Not a very safe area for riding a bike. Not a very safe area for even walking on the sidewalk or crossing the street. The Port and the City need to get their act together and clean up all the excessive tractor trailer traffic there.

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One of the main reasons there is finacial trouble is that we have several duplicate agencies in the City alone. We have SDOT running the streetcar, Metro running the busses, Sound Transit running the light rail and commuter rail, let alone Pierce and Snohomish Couty transit. All with the same duplicate overhead. We should at least have one agency for all of the Seattle transit agencies.

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Pssst - Hey buddy, I got some nice sweet plastic bags here in my trunk. Just take a look, it will help you with your "need". Real cheap.

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Does anyone actually use this park? I've been by it many times and never see anyone there.

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I live near White Center and never seen a problem. It is actually safer to walk around than downtown, Columbia City and many other parts of town.

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But sir, he was my autopilot -