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I had the biggest crush on Stephen Dorf for so long, until I saw some of his other work. Kind of like how Viggo Mortensen was all rough 'n' sexy in LOTR, but in every other movie I've seen him in, he's absolutely hideous -- Viggo only looks good with a 2-day beard, and Stephen only looks good with fangs.

Also, I never bothered watching Blade 3 because nothing Jessical Biel has ever touched was worth watching, except for the parts where she is not wearing clothes. That's really her best acting skill, being naked.

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Do NOT watch 24 if you enjoy man-dramas, suspenseful story-telling, and extensive awesomeness. You will not get anything done for weeks trying to get caught up. Personally, I am waiting for Heroes to start up again, but I will have to be patient until September :(

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Because their marketing team thinks that nonsensical is the cool thing on the internet? They gave me three years free, I wasn't gonna tell them they have a retarded name.

I'm going to start a hosting service and call it Cat & Walrus, and then use internet memes for my mascots. DO YOU HAS A BUCKET? WE HAVE ONE FOR ALL YOUR INTERNETS!! NOW THEY ARE BELONG TO US.

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Damn, to think the worst I've ever had happen is that I had to call three times to get 1&1 to update the billing credit card for mine and my husband's space. The first time I called they said they did it right then, and on the next billing cycle they turned everything off because it tried billing to an expired card. So we called in, gave them the new card again, and they turned the site back on in good faith... and shut us down *again* when they tried billing the old card *again*. Thankfully we got someone with two IQ points to rub together the third time and it got billed correctly.

Thankfully 1&1 has been pretty stable and user-friendly otherwise. Not sure how Digg-ready they are, we just host our guild's website and personal files. I don't think we've ever broke 2GB of traffic in a month.