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Steve, I do agree with you in some cases. If you're in a major bind with the CC companies, then by all means pay them off first. It also depends on the friends/family you owe. Another way to look at is the emotional bind it can put on a relationship. If you owe someone money, there's emotional interest involved as well.

As always, thanks for the insight.

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Cammy -

The course definitely has value. I just question the validity of the Articulate Guru Awards if this is the Gold Medal winner.

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I'm looking forward to testing it on both my G5 iMac and my new Macbook Pro.

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They are now renting RVs for the entire festival. Unfortunately, I'll have to rely on some huge DE project to fund it, which is unlikely.

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In related news, I recently received more "would like to connect with you" requests from Plaxo. Not good.

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That cracks me up, Wendy. I often look back at it in equal parts horror and fondness.

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I guess we could go for the do now, ask for forgiveness later routine. Man, that would be a trip...

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Dude, do not tempt me. My brain starts trying to make it work logistically (a.k.a. without being killed by wife).

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Yep. Sadly, I can now say I miss Comcast.

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Thanks, Philip. I appreciate it!