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Mine got PG for the words "pain" and "death." I think discussing topics like that are what make blogs worth reading. A blog that views the world through rose colored glasses and never discusses the harsh realities of people's lives is probably not worth reading.

So, I think it's OK to be PG, PG-13 or even R. I believe a blog can glorify God and still talk about pain, death and porn. And anyway, it shouldn't be about how many times you use those words. It's about how you discuss them and bring redemptive principles to intersect with real life.

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I stole the idea from Los' blog from about a year ago! :)

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I have 94 google reader subscriptions. My favorites are Christianity Today, CNN, FAIL Blog, Gizmodo, God's Politics, LOLdogs, Macworld, and Newsweek. Plus, I subscribe to several personal blogs from people in my field, several church blogs and several tutorial blogs about Photoshop, After Effects, etc.

As far as reading goes, I always check my blogs before bed, which is bad because staring at a computer screen's brightness tricks your brain into being wide awake! On the other hand, I usually start the day with a hot bath while reading a book by Andy Stanley, Mark Driscoll, Don Miller, Malcom Gladwell, etc. I love instructional books as well (even instructional manuals) and magazines about my fields of interest too (worship leading, church technology, cameras, tennis, etc.). I find starting my day in this way helps mitigate my strong Type-A personality and take the stress level down a bit!

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Wow, I never thought to use an iPhone. I used a sparkler with good results, though:

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I had a similar experience with a hotel in Newport News, VA. I was looking forward to responding to emails quickly before hurrying out to a wedding rehearsal. But there was no connection. I went to the front desk, and the lady there said she was the only one working and could not work on the problem. She actually gave me a tech support number to call (doing her work for her). Ultimately, she just needed to reboot the DSL modem. But I couldn't do that for her, and she couldn't leave the desk because the hotel was too cheap to hire two people to work the desk at the same time.

Staffing appropriately, even if it means more expenses, is crucial to making good customer impressions. It not only affected me that day, but also many other people who had to wait in a long line to check in and all the people calling the hotel and being put on hold for a looooong time to speak with this one lonely worker behind the desk.

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I wonder if Bible literacy shouldn't be higher up on the list...