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No one is saying people have the right to out others but to break the stigma of addiction it is important for people to be free to own their story on all levels and talk about it freely. Any type of "secret handshake" environment only contributes to the shame around addiction. As an aside there is no evidenced based statistics on whether someone who outs themselves then relapses causes someone else to not got into AA or relapse. That is dogma, not science.

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I don't. Please read more carefully. I said I was not personally aware of anything. Regardless, 7 years later, its not anything I care about. I found it inspirational at the time in my recovery and that was good enough for me. I am there if you or anyone else needs support in their recovery. other than that I will be closing comments on this as discussion over the validity over a years old video is unproductive to those who are currently suffering from eating disorders

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I posted this about 7 years ago when I began my recovery Carlos. I was not then and am frankly not currently aware aware of anything fraudulent about his story as I have not revisited this since then. I simply found the video inspirational. It showed me that I was not alone in my struggle. I was bulimic for twenty-seven years so I understand your struggle. If there is anything I can do to support your recovery please do not hesitate to reach out at brian@briancuban.com

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Thanks for including me in this piece! BDD is a very misunderstand DSM5 disorder. Hopefully this will help raise awareness and break stereotypes.-Brian Cuban

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I think that in a "perfect world" it would certainly be preferable to have a staff psychologist evaluate anyone who wants plastic surgery. I also believe that while of course, mental health treatment providers would be on board with this, those in the cosmetic/plastic surgery profession would view this as an extremist view on a number of levels not, the least of which is the financial bottom line. I don't see it as a good starting point to get a conversation going as it could immediately shut down dialogue.

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there is only so much information I can give in a 2-minute video

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I don't give a sh*t what the 11th tradition says from the standpoint of my right to express myself about my life. I don't agree with it and I will write about about my personal experience any way and at any time I damn well please. It's People like you who who drive people way from AA. Big book thumpers who preach working your own side of the street but in reality are the biggest hypocrites in 12-step trying to tell everyone else how to handle their programs. I will continue to write about my AA experiences anytime I feel I have something to say. I guess you'll l have to deal with it.

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with all due respect Rita, you don't know me. How could you possibly know what underlying issues I've addressed.

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unless there is a power differential it's not bullying. I have a problem the term being coop-ted by adults because their feelings are hurts. Adults are supposed to have the tools to deal with mean people. There is certainly work-place bullying and other power differential situations with adults that may constitute "bullying" but I am adamantly against the notion that because someone is ugly to you you are being bullied.-sorry

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I don't think there is any proven connection between being fat and being ugly