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Been on both side of that type of a meeting several times. In my experience if we have a mutual respect I welcome the constructive criticism (and will offer it if I feel like I have that type of connection). A real friend won't just tickle someone's ears but help them focus there passion and inspiration.

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Obviously you limited the info in this post ("There’s much more to this use..."), which has challenged the audience to get deeper engaged with an opened ended question which to some could feel like a "riddle" (don't know why but it got me to post a comment which I rarely do).

Another way, again used in this post, was making the content can be part of a series. Instead of providing a comprehensive recap of "Re-Thinking Social Media" all at once, you choose to "limit" the info to a series of posts that can build on each other. (Pastors do this all the time with there teachings).

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"Learn the principles of strategic web engagement and not so much the individual (and temporal) tools." John you are spot on with this statement.

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Love this post. Thanks for sharing John. If being a “digital” iconoclast mean doing something that others say can't be done and/or doing something that everyone says is impractical or too “big” for you to accomplish then I definitely am an iconoclast. As an entrepreneur I’ve learned that in the early stages of a idea/concept it is easy and “safe” for everyone to say it can’t be done. But as you execute it’s awesome to watch everyone come around. I’ve learned to be forgiving because most people oppose you not out of ill intent but out of their own insecurities which makes them cave to “social” pressure (got a great story of when I built a 2-story treehouse when I was 7 but it is a bit long for this post). I think as believer we should all believe we can and should rise above this pressure. If God is for you who can be against you?

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John in my experience/opinion who is a "guru" is all relative to the audience. Someone that has been on twitter for only 2 month might very well be a "guru" to someone that has never used it before. Also , and it sound like you have this corporate experience, the size of a marketing budget can also dictate who is consider a "guru". That's life and I think it's not worth trying to classify or declassify someone as a "guru". I think since there is no recognized or accepted baseline to such talents/expertise we need to just do the best we can to educate our audience with what we are given (Serve as if we are doing it for the Lord). In terms of the guy who took your content. He sounds like an idiot. My prayer is that you find it in our heart to forgive him, for your sake (I know it's tough). Thanks for blessing me with your blog, keep it coming!

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I read that book a few month back. It is awesome to see how God is growing the home churches in China.