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while rdio is a nice service, apple already has a better model for itunes-in-the-clouds: better design, more complete catalogue, more comprehensive social features, greater responsiveness. otoh, rdio's iphone app works very well. maybe apple should buy out rdio too?

both services (rdio and lala) depend(ed) on flash, so i'm curious to see what apple does via html5-css3-javascript.

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Wondering about the differences between "Dirty Little Secrets" and the earlier "Selling With Integrity."

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you forgot to mention electricity! we've just got to privatize the tva, bonneville, salt river project, etc., etc., etc. damn socialists!

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love the twitter stuff!

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fwiw, i never posted a comment on the other system. this seems similar to disqus which is the system i use on my blogs. the folks at automattic do a great job, so this should work. it's not too confusing. i prefer logging in so i can see all my comments in one place, use the same profile, consisten avatar, etc. and once i'm logged in, i stay logged in. it's just the initial view had at least two login buttons.

btw, love the cartoons!

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not sure about the commenting system. haven't used intense debate before. there do seem to be too many "login" buttons, so signing in, even with openid, is too complicated. did want to say that i do miss about half the cartoons because they're not included in your RSS feed. have you considered changing that, maybe embedding ads in the feed?