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they were only leveling the field. Fox has Geraldo for the latin group

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The Republican party as a whole is a disgrace to we the people that have Spent our time and money to back them only to learn that none of the men have balls and the women are not being backed or even taken seriously by the RINOS in the party

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I haven't had a drink in ten years but will have the biggest hangover in ages when Obama and Holder are brought to justice. and then let's get the others involved, in there with them including Reid and Pelosi.

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I believe we have the first President the country has ever had that comes from out of the gutter and runs with slime advocating violence all the time. I always thought the President of the United states of America was supposed to be a Statesman. I have known statesmen and this idiot is not one

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I hope if that war comes into play, your family is safe, as war is hell and has no sympathy when it comes to survival and who it attacks for that survival. It is even more intent on taking out the enemy (you) and your ilk as you attack the heart of America

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The speech by Hoffa on the 5th of September, 2011 is as horrible a crime that could be laid upon the American people as 9/11. The President evidently goes along with the DECLARATION OF WAR against the people of America that don't agree with his policies and I am sure he will regret not apologizing to the American people as soon as he took the podium and call Hoffa out, on his vile attack.

This country is in for a revolution and I swear that there are a hell of a lot more veterans that have sacrificed their lives for this country then there are Union members. If there are any Union members that are veterans, I ask you; how does it feel that your Union President included you in declaring war on America? You left your families to fight the enemies overseas and now the Unions are telling you that the next war is to TAKE US OUT. Does that mean you wife, kids, Mothers, Fathers and extended family are now enlisted as enemies of the State to fight against the Americans that oppose Obama

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This President and his followers should all be tried under Sharia Law, dealt with accordingly for practicing as Christians which the Muslims find to be offensive and against their beliefs. Then we will see just how much this cult is loved by the administration that is left in the Democrat party

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Semper Fi and i agree with you whole heartedly. the left is alone and will be LEFT alone if they continue this infringement on our constitutional rights. The should study the numbers of patriotic Americans and those of us that have served under the oath to protect the Constitution while in the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement or just the average Joe that hunts and loves GOD and Country not to mention the women that are members of this great American group of Patriots

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My guess is that thee gutless Republicans and those in the Congress and the Senate, that claim to be patriotic, are just waiting for the American People to take to the streets with arms so the effing POTUS can install Martial Law. Then he will have completed the take over of the United States of America and we that oppose him will see that he can build a wall; and we will all be behind it as enemies of the state.

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Two suggestions that should be considered and that is term limits for all the lawmaker on the hill and Federal judges should be voted into position by the people and the life time appointments to be stopped, to stop azzholes like this judge from kissing up to crooked bastards like Obama