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I'm also not seeing "edge to edge" anywhere in the renders.

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right.. because it's not correct. as others have stated.. 512x512 is the icon size for the app store and so apple can use your icon in marketing and such.

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It's all in the software. Read my comment below. The whole iPad surface could be a touch screen. Doesn't mean they couldn't make it appear to be a black bezel in some modes or ignore touches in those areas during some tasks or when the user would likely be holding the device. It's not that hard.

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The promo looks great until all the sudden there are holograms running around and projections on the table. Then it becomes fairly sci-fi, or as one commenter said.. 10 years out.

The concept of a no bezel iPad isn't farfetched. Here's how they could do it. In some modes the usable screen area and touch area would be like it is now. In other words, when you're picking apps or doing tasks where you need to hold the device the bezel would stay black and ignore touches in those areas. But the black bezel would in reality be part of the screen. So if you're watching a movie full screen or playing a game the image could go clear to the edge. The bezel size could in fact be a setting. The app or app developer could have tools to designate how much bezel is needed for that application, or if touches in that area are observed or ignored. Just because the screen goes clear to the edge doesn't mean that area would have to observe touches. For example, watching a movie you might want it to be full screen and just have the touch controls 1/2 inch from the edge. I think it would be awesome.

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A couple of things I hope they fix... first is the ability to exploit app discoverability in the store by putting funky characters in the app name.

Second.. I hope that they add custom categories to video media. Not everything fits in "Movies" and "TV Shows"... where do I put home movies? I sort of don't want baby videos in the same list right next to hollywood movies. Doesn't make sense to me. I'd like to be able to add other categories... custom ones... like categories of where I got the movies.. or if they're hd or not. Really it should be more like tagging where a show could have multiple tags and then show up in multiple lists based on that. Also.. tv series.. please subfolder out the seasons in there and on apple tv.

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Haha.. caught me! Should have known who msk was.

But on this topic I completely agree with you. When I heard about path I was like 'here we go...' Sure I don't want them mining my info. But a pop up that says, "allow this app access to your contacts" isn't going to solve that. For one, that means that clicking that button is now giving them permission to mine it. And I'm going to click agree cause I don't want to manually enter in all my stuff again. So they just need to make it a policy (which it already is) and then nail apps when they break the policy.

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I'm not fairly new to this website and I just don't get it .. what's you're point here? Did you hire a former gizmodo writer or something?

It's a completely irrelevant point. Like saying guys who steal cars don't text while driving as much as everyone else. Or.. that kids who are making jailbroken apps in their dirty basements aren't going the extra mile to rip people's contacts.

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A) No one uses path anyway.. (outside of S.F. that is).

B) I agree that I don't think you can access all of this information directly. Photos is the dialog box thing. It's the same with music. I'm not sure about calendars.

Having said that.. Fine, so apple will have a dialog box that comes up and asks whether it's ok for an app to access your contacts.. just like location data.. I'm going to say yes. STILL doesn't mean I want them uploading my contact list to their server. It's one thing for an app to access the data to use it in the app, say, to voluntarily search for other users. It's another thing to do stuff without making it clear that they're doing it, and without having a good reason to do it. I guess my point is that an "allow/disallow" dialog box won't necessarily solve the problem. I would have said "allow" to Path but still wouldn't have wanted them to fish all my contacts.

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Agreed... the idea of bringing the jobs back to the US at the expense of an iPhone costing 3 or 4 times as much.. that doesn't help america overall. Like Ron Paul says there.. it's a much more complicated issue than that and the real reason we don't have more jobs here are the unions having too much power, etc.

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Has anyone verified the signature? Cause if not I've got an original iPhone 1 with a cracked screen with SJ's signature on the back... (well it WILL have it in just a minute.)