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Yes please!
my son is one year old and i just began the process here in puerto rico, where we live. his dad lives in california, where my son was conceived. the process isnt an easy one anywhere, no matter when you start, i am sure, but our archaic and third worldy system doesnt help matters any. i found out they found him at his new address, and sometime in the next 60 days he is supposed to receive notification of the case. then he has 30 days to submit to the paternity test. the thing is, even though he gets paid california dollars, we will receive a sum based on PR's economy (much lower wages). its frustrating to say the least. i met with a free legal adviser , which helped clarify a lot of my questions, but its still quite a confusing process and seems to have a few loopholes...

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I hear you Erin. i used to have the same problem. i recently disciplined myself to start cooking and bringing lunch to work. i was a horrible cook until a few months ago, when i realized that cooking at home was not only cheaper but healthier for both baby and me. now i boil sweet potatoes and pumpkin, and puree them in the blender- way cheaper than baby food, plus no preservatives and reduces waste. whatever you don''t cook you can cut up into cubes and freeze for later use. when i started thinking about the ecological impact of eating out (all that packaging) and all the unwanted ingredients i was consuming, cooking became a much more desirable option. you can make dinner, and take leftovers to work the next day. (todays lunch was a homemade salad with last night's cut-up chicken breast). i usually sandwich it a few days a week, when i am feeling lazy.
oh and make soup! it goes a long way. good luck! kiss that guilty feeling goodbye, and say hello to a little extra cash in your pocket!

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Yes!! thank you for that uplifting blog! Man did i need it!!!! ive been a single mom since i was seven 1/2 months pregnant, and the reality is soo much harder than anyone could prepare you for. dating becomes complicated and delicate. i still have faith my Dream Man is out there, but most of the time i am too tired to try to find him! ;-) we gotta stay strong, we are not easy and that makes us all the more special !