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I guess since Iran does not recognize Israel as a sovereign country, the permanent disappearance of these 4 Iranian lawmakers could not be blamed on an entity that does not exist in the first place. Right? Just sayin...

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What, Obama hasn't invited him to the White House for a beer yet?

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The man has no education. The man has no skills or trade. So to feel IMPORTANT
he has anointed himself "king" like most schizoids do to feel they are special.
He's like any bum on the street who rants & raves just to get "attention"
Now if he would redirect his rage to something useful, he could contribute
to society instead of trying to tear it apart.

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Hey Putin, how about donating doctors, helicopters, food and water to Haiti? You're always showing the might of your army in your May Day parades, your 1000s of phallic about sending over a few thousand troops to help out? Or perhaps posing with your shirt off wrestling tigers is all you're good for.

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Putin you already have a country run by Russian mobsters in a land reeking with corruption. Isn't your goal to bring back the old Soviet Union? You can't fool the schoolchildren, only the educated intellectual liberals who think you are a stud muffin everytime you take off your shirt. What a world we live in. Lies, lies & more lies.

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Channelling Pat Robertson: This is retribution for the hedonistic Golden Globe Award show.

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Oh no, it's Global Raining!

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I thought there were 100,000 US troops there. Afraid of a few hoodlums. The people need food & water. HELICOPTERS! IDIOTS! And knock off any hoodlum in your way.

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who gives a rat's ass? people are dying in haiti.

funny how these hollywood libtards couldn't care less

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100s of thousands are dying in Haiti and he's celebrating. These two are such ignormarmuses. Of course, Michelle's birthday needs to take precedence. IMPEACH this man!