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Rammstein finally put an LA sale date!!! I have been waiting years to see them live and after I read this I was just waiting for the LA Show. I'm super stoked....ok, gotta compose myself now. haha

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Another great and heart felt read. I don't know how it is that you can share these intimate moments with us readers but I'm glad you do.

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I'm jealous...

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Awesome, nice to read that your dad enjoyed it & talked about it the days after. That's how you know it was a hell of a show. When you can't stop talking about it.

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I remember the first time i saw the video for "Amish Paradise" and thinking to myself that he would probably never last as a performer even though he was funny. Well boy was I wrong, this dude has been playing forever and a day! haha

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That would have been awesome, two great shows at 2 different Hollywood venues. With the APC show ending so early it would have been possible.

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I loved your mom's quote. Glad she let you know how proud she was. I'm going to try and score tix for The Dandy Warhols show next month here in LA, sounds like a show that I would definitely enjoy. As always a great write up!

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Wow, this hit home. I commend your bravery and the depth of love for music.

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Your poor dad must have shit a brick after seeing you drenched in fake blood!

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YES!!!! There are more of us out there too, I was talking to people about it at the show and they agreed.