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The Schwab checking account requires that you also open a brokerage account, even though you don't have to use it. I believe they have overdraft fee, but if you have money in the brokerage account, when you overdraft they would just take money out from the brokerage account, and you won't be charged an overdraft fee.

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Schwab doesn't have the 2% visa signature anymore, it was sold to another bank and then to BOA, and it became an entirely different card.

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I\'m not really sure actually, without using js to set the alt text after lazyload runs. But that is probably not the most efficient thing to do if you have a lot of images.

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It\'s not loose, pretty much the same as it was new. It was never super tight though.

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Thanks Andrea, that's good to know! A lot of us have already moved onto newer Macs because of this problem, now @sherryberry's dad has the 2008 blinky MBP, will install the EFI update on that later to see if that fixes it.


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Works here, running wp 3.3 at the moment. Give me your URL? I can take a quick look.


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I have a matte black water bottle from Chrome, got it free when I bought something from them last year, can't remember what it was though, I might've bought something just to get the water bottle. :)

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Cool. Thanks!!


Andrew Ng

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Good point. I've actually switched back to Yahoo! authentication because the cookies don't expire as quickly. 


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Hi there, I just pushed a fix. Sorry about that.